Casetify released in-ear marble earphones recently which is the first-time Casetify stepped into the accessories market other than the cases. If you don’t know, Casetify sells premium cases and only for premium smartphones like Samsung and Apple. We are expecting the same premium quality from these earphones. These earphones look good because of the marble pattern all over them. We got here the black marble earphones to review, let’s see how these earphones do in comparison to some premium earphones.

Unboxing and specifications

Casetify packed the earphones in a white box with a cool texture on it, inside it is a piece of cardboard thanking us for buying those earphones. Beneath that card and a piece of foam are the earphones fixed in a piece of foam, removing it from the box reveals a white carrying bag to keep the earphones in. That small white baggie includes two pairs of ear tips of two more sizes; small and large, medium ones are already on the earphones. The little baggy is of good quality and has a Casetify branding on it which looks so cool.

  • Driver size: 10mm
  • Max power: 10mW
  • Earbuds material: Marble
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Other features: with remote and mic, sound isolating
  • Design and Build

You could have seen earbuds made of plastic, rubber or metal but as the name suggests, these are the earphones whose casing is made of marble. Yes! The earphones are black marble with the natural pattern on it, the pattern on the left doesn’t match with the right earbuds. These earphones are available in three color variants; white marble, black marble and blue turquoise (no price change).

The earbuds are solid with no wire strain on buds, the other part of the bud is made of plastic and seems to lost it golden color when used it for some time. The wires and inline remote control are of good quality and made of rubber, the 3.5mm plug is also made or rubber and is straight which is good for smartphones. Overall the quality is satisfying except the plastic casing part on the earbuds.


Before going to the performance, let me tell you the price of these earphones first. These earphones are only $62 (all three color variants), which is equal to Rs. 4,004 in India. The sound quality of these earphones is good enough, the clarity of the sound is pretty much amazing. The bass is not what I expected from these earphones, it’s there but it doesn’t feel like it’s there.

Although I am very much impressed by the clarity of the music, I think it’s because of the material of the casing. The mids and highs are amazing and the music doesn’t seem to hurt the ears even with the maximum volume. You can get some good bass if you use any equalizer based music player in Android smartphones.


I have reviewed a lot of earphones which exceeds this price range but let me tell you when I see this price tag on any earphones I want to see a lot of features except the sound quality. One of which is the build quality, I have never seen any earbuds losing color before, even the cheapest. I can’t tell my friends that I spent Rs. 4,000 on an earphone which loses its color. Also, the sound quality of these earphones doesn’t match the price tag, if you are spending that much money you can find some good ones, possibly wireless.