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Govo introduces a range of audio wearables in India

There is no dearth of audio wearable products available in India though here is yet another company that is vying for the lucrative segment with a range of new products. The start-up which operates out of Bangalore offers GOBASS, GOCRUSH, GOKIXX, and GOBUDS series of audio wearable devices which the company said have been developed in London with Listen technology USA providing the technical expertise. Further, the audio wearables have been endorsed by TUV worldwide specialists. Govo said the GOBUDS 920, and 600, GOCRUSH 900, GOKIXX 900, 630, 421, and 410, and GOBASS 910, and 610 can be purchased via the company website as well as from Amazon.

Here is a brief introduction of some of the products Govo has to offer.


The Bluetooth headset features a 6 mm driver unit which allows for superior quality sound output having a rich bass effect. It has a voice assistance feature for user convenience while also incorporating a design that the makers’ claim allows for the most ergonomic feel. The design is such that it makes for a perfect fit without tending to fall off the ears while on the move. Meanwhile, the IPX5 rating for water resistance makes the headset safe from water or sweat damage. Battery backup time is also a commendable 30-hours. The headset also boasts of a dual pairing mode which makes it easy to switch between devices as the need might be. It comes with a sleek case having a shade of platinum black. The GOBUDS 920 is priced Rs. 2,699.


The GOBUDS 600 is all about a sleek and lightweight design while still being durable as well. The 33 hours of battery backup time will ensure you have enough juice at your disposal so that you get to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and such to your heart’s content. Further, the IPX5 rating ensures the least chances of damage from water or sweat ingress while compatibility with the Google and Siri voice assistants allows for a superior user experience.


The GOKIXX 900 comes with a powerful 12 mm driver. Other features of the wireless neckband earphone include an IPX5 rating for water and sweat resistance, integration with both Google and Siri, and 12-hour battery life. Made from high-grade silicon, the GOKIXX 900 allows for a comfortable fit while the integrated battery allows for 12 hours of playback time.


The Bluetooth-enabled wireless neckband earphone comes with a 10 mm driver that offers a truly immersive listening experience that is rich in bass effect. Among the other salient features of the earphone include its IPX5 rating, 10-hour battery life, along with support for both Google and Siri voice assistants. The makers said just 20 mins of charging time is enough to provide for 6 hours of playback time.


GOBASS 910 comes with a 9 mm driver that offers a premium sound output having a 3D effect. Much of that also has to do with the passive noise cancellation as well as the deep bass that it offers. It comes with a metallic finish that offers hands-free pickup and a high-definition mic with magnetic earbuds. All for a price of just Rs. 549, the GOBASS 910 is perfect for an active lifestyle.


The GOCRUSH 900 speakers come with a 48 mm driver and chipset that is capable of 24 W sound output that is rich in bass. It allows for 25 hours of continuous playback time before requiring a recharge. It comes with a premium build quality and offers support for Bluetooth 5.0, AUX, and micro-SD inputs. Plus, it comes with an IPX7 rating as well which means it can be the perfect companion during beach parties or while you are at the pool or shower.

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