OnePlus Success Story: How OnePlus sells high-end smartphones at low price?

OnePlus has proved one thing that there is no reason why smartphones should cost so much. A brand new iPhone 6s starts at Rs. 49,000 and Samsung Galaxy S7 starts at Rs. 55,000. Both are amazing phones, but it is pretty much evident that the additional price you are paying is for the brand.

Well, don’t you feel that it’s better to pay considerably less for almost the same level of services rather than paying just the double? The latest OnePlus 3 is the answer to the question. This smartphone is pretty much at par with every other top of the line smartphones. It is a more powerful and more capable phone than its earlier versions of OnePlus X and OnePlus 2.

The latest OnePlus 3 is equipped with latest camera technology, 1080p AMOLED display, 64GB storage space four times the iPhone’s base model and 6GB RAM which is again triple the iPhone 6 Plus. It possesses Oxygen OS version of Android that tends to avoid “bloatware”- unnecessary or gimmicky software which is very prominent in Samsung gadgets. It is a dual SIM phone with long battery life which rarely runs out by the day end.

The company’s main aim is to provide best smartphones equipped with all latest features to the customers at best price. The company follows an efficient business model for selling its premium product and providing high value to its customers.

Business Model:

When a smartphone is launched in the market, promotional events are conducted, which involves a lot of money. This advertising cost, in the end, is passed on to the end customer. Thereby, the cost of the smartphone is quoted higher than its original price.

According to OnePlus, a great product would sell itself and not require individual marketing. With the advent of Internet and Social Media, big brands cannot hide its shoddy gadgets through their marketing campaigns. Consumers can easily compare different phones on various parameters on the Internet and select the best option available.

  • The motto of OnePlus is to make great products and sell the same directly to consumers skipping the middlemen in between.
  • The company follows Word of Mouth policy. They believe in providing high value to the customers so that they promote the product to their friends, family and known. A happy customer appreciates products and the company.
  • Their business model clearly depicts that best quality materials and latest hardware is used in their devices.
  • All the components (Screen, Processor, RAM, Camera, etc.) are collected, tested and assembled at their factory under best conditions.
  • Once the product is ready, the devices are packed and transported to their storage houses. Now the products from their storage houses are directly distributed to the consumer through the online mode. Thereby eliminating all the middlemen in between.
  • The company manages to save the following costs that other traditional smartphone brands have to bear:
    • Distribution cost: It is the cost involved in delivering the product from the production unit to the end user. As the model shows that no distributor is involved in the process. As a result, another saving for the company.
    • Retail store cost: Since no retailer is involved in the process and the products are directly sold to the end user; there is no retailer margin added to the final cost.
    • Marketing investments: OnePlus follows self-selling policy avoiding all marketing and promotion cost.
  • This model tends to save a lot of money that at the end is distributed amongst the consumers only. They follow transparent pricing hiding nothing from the customers. The customers can trust the company since their business model is transparent.

If you are seeking for a new Android smartphone, it’s hard to overlook OnePlus 3. This gadget has the same build quality and abilities as of the giant company’s flagship phone. Why spend Rs. 56,900 on Samsung Galaxy S7 if you can spend half on this amazing Gadget. Never settle for anything else, if you the best of OnePlus available.

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