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OnePlus 3 Soft Gold edition goes up for sale today

OnePlus finally made it known the hotly anticipated soft gold version of its latest OnePlus 3 handset. Those in the US are luckier in that the handset with the desired color option is all set to go on sale on July 26 itself, starting 12.00 AM eastern time.

Launch schedule has been mentioned in the company’s forum posts which further reveals that it’s going on sale in Europe, Hong Kong, and Canada on August 1.

OnePlus also revealed they have refrained from launching the handset donning just the golden shade, either in its shiny form or with a matte finish. Instead, they have gone about making the color option even more unique by making it reminiscent of holding the softest and finest of sand granules. OnePlus also stated press images or renderings wouldn’t be enough to reveal just how cool the thing is in reality. One simply has to hold the device in their hands to get the feel of the real thing.

When the Chinese start-up had launched their latest flagship killer device, two color options of a darker graphite and soft gold were announced. However, it is just the graphite version that has been on sale so far. That the handset still got sold out in no time speaks volumes of the sheer popularity and capability of the device.

OnePlus though has warned stocks of the soft gold version will be limited owing to the heavy demand for the same. Those eager will, therefore, have to be quick to book their units before someone else does. They have had trouble maintaining inventory for the graphite version of OP3 and the same for the soft gold version will no doubt be reaching a feverish pitch.

Meanwhile, a specific OP3 done up in bright red had also appeared on the company site, albeit for a brief period. That, in turn, stoked rumors of red being the third color option the popular handset will be available in apart from graphite and soft gold. However, all of that dimmed out soon enough once the variant got pulled from the site.

Gold color version for electronics like a smartphone, tablet or even notebook devices has been popularized by Apple after it first introduced the option with some of its iPhone and iPad models a few years back. Since then, almost every manufacturer has made it a point to include a gold themed version of its most popular handsets.

As such, it will be really interesting to see by how much the soft gold version of OP3 outsells its matt black counterpart.