Sony PUMPX SRS-X2 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth & NFC Review

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Sony SRS-X2 portable wireless speaker with Bluetooth and NFC pairing capability, popularly known as PUMPX, is one fine speaker to play around. While other competitors struggle between keeping sound quality and affordability balanced, Sony hits the bullet at the right place and finds a spot between affordability and sound quality.

It weighs in at just 500g and is easy to hold in one hand, which makes it somewhat portable so you can put it in a bag, handbag, backpack or whatever you like to carry.

In terms of design, measured at 6.8×2.3×2.3 inch, it looks like a big capsule, having rubberised texture along with plastic grey coloured strips, the build is rock solid and rubber texture gives a lot of grip to it. There is nothing much to discuss about the front. It has a logo of Sony along with NFC, Bluetooth and battery icons.

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At the top, there are actual physical buttons available to turn on/off the speaker. Notification light becomes green when you turn on the device and denotes the battery life, and it turns orange when the battery is low.

Then we have this sound button that actually is a version of Sony’s surround sound technology. I like it often when I listen to music; it actually gives surround sound effect.

Now this is the pairing button; white LED on the speaker keeps blinking while scanning through all the available devices to connect. As soon it gets connected with the phone or any Bluetooth device you want to connect to, it stops blinking. (Refer to video review at the end of the article for more details.)

It features a call button too. So, whenever you receive a phone call, just press the button to answer your call and you can use it as your speakerphone for phone calls. My call experience was great while connected to the speaker. I could talk easily despite my phone being in another room. It works best within the Bluetooth frequency range of 8 meters upon complete charge.

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Now the NFC logo branding apparently denoted speaker is NFC-enabled. You just need to turn on NFC function on your phone and by just tapping once you will be easily connected to the speaker, which is a one-step faster way to connect than the Bluetooth.

At the bottom, again, there is a Sony logo, accompanied with model no. and charging info. Embossed legs at the back are covered from rubber, and if you notice, they are designed in a way that if you put down device on a surface, the front automatically angles up a little bit and makes enough grip. So there are lesser chances for the device to fell from any surface. That’s it at the bottom.

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On the back, there is 3.5mm auxiliary mini jack. You can directly connect your phone here to stream music if you don’t wish to pair the device through NFC or Bluetooth or if your device doesn’t have connectivity options.

Then there is a reset button. If you are having a problem in terms of connectivity, just use a pin to press in this pinhole and it will reset the device. Also, there is a USB charging port provided. On the top, here we have an LED notification light denoting charging, so when it’s charging, it turns on red and when charging is done it turns off.

It also acts as a microphone. So whenever you get a call while your phone is connected, it starts working as a microphone.

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In terms of connectivity, I did connect the speakers with the number of Android devices like Apple MacBook Air, HTC One M7, Asus Zenfone 2 and Sony Xperia Z5 and I faced no difficulty while connecting to all these devices.

The attractive things about this speaker are bass and surround sound option, which is simply awesome!

The maximum volume is loud enough to fill a large room and crystal clear with surround sound on. Sound quality is very clear and crisp, with very good highs and decent mid, and it goes extremely loud without any distortion in sound output. I have recorded sample audio as well.

The attractive things about this speaker are bass and surround sound option, which is simply awesome! I would have to say, it’s a combination of compact design yet very loud and powerful.

Battery Life

In terms of charging, company claims around 5 hours of playback time, but when I used this speaker, it lasted for more than 6 hours on a single full charge. Still that is shorter battery life than the competition in my understanding.

Sony SRS-X2 is available in red, black and white color options.

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In-The-Box Content:

  • Sony PUMPX SRS-X2 Speaker Unit
  • Warranty Manual
  • 1.5 amp Wall Adapter
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Carry Pouch


  • Rich audio and bass
  • Loud and clear sound output without distortion
  • NFC Pairing
  • Cost Effective
  • Average battery life, but gives decent playback time


  • The body is catchy of dust and it is pretty hard to clean
  • Missing play directly from Micro-SD card option

Sony SRS-X2 Video Review

The Verdict


Priced at Rs. 5,999, Sony SRS-X2 is an economical deal as compared to others options currently available in the market. Despite being less portable with lesser battery compared to its competitors, you get a great audio in a compact package, that too for a fair price. You should definitely check out this speaker from Sony.