Pokemon Go India release date: Augmented reality game might launch in August

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile game will be most likely launched in India, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Philippines in August. Interestingly, the game is already available in few Asian countries like Japan and Hong Kong.

According to industry analysts, the developers are working hard to release the game in India before the end of August or during India’s Independence Day on August 15. The company, meanwhile, has not set any possible deadline for the launch of Pokemon Go.

Earlier, there was a report of a possible launch in few additional Asian countries on July 22. However, the game was not launched as expected. India has been added to the server list by Nintendo and Niantic. This gives the impression that the game will be officially released within the next few days.

Pokemon Go has created a great sensation among gamers all over the world. Even though the game was not officially launched in India, people went ahead and installed Pokemon Go by downloading the game from the third-party sources.

Pokemon Go release date

When we talk about Asian countries, South Korea comes in the list since the country is one of the world’s largest gaming markets. However, Pokemon Go may never be released in the country due to differences in the use of Google’s map data.

The game makes use of real-time geospatial technologies and map data from Google servers. However, the South Korean government has restricted the use of uncensored map data from overseas. In the meantime, Google has refused to accept the demand of the government to use censored map data. Hence, it is certain that the sensational game will never be launched in the country.

As per reports, China was also initially hesitant about the game stating security concerns. It is also believed that the US and Japan could make use of the game to spy on its military bases and other sensitive installations.

There is no basis for any concerns now since the game has already arrived in Hong Kong and gamers are enjoying it. Hence, gamers in China will not have to wait longer to catch Pokemons.

Pokemon Go has created an international sensation for around several weeks after the game was launched in nearly 37 countries worldwide. Moreover, gamers in India, who are unable to tolerate the sensation, have already started to play the game by downloading the file from third-party sources.

According to a report issued by a mobile data intelligence company, Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go accounted for nearly 75 million downloads on Android in just 19 days after the launch. With Pokemon Go, you will catch virtual characters in real life environment.

Developed by Nintendo and Niantic using augmented reality technology, Pokemon Go has beaten other rival popular games such as Color Switch, Slither.io, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, Agar.io, and Piano Tiles 2 since July 7.

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