pokemon go iPhone

Pokemon Go game is a sneak peek into Augmented Reality. This game shows us that how far we are into the future. Soon you will play Pokemon Go wearing HoloLens and catch Pokemon in reality (augmented).

Pokemon Go is still in development and developers are working hard to release this game for gamers all over the world. Android users can easily install this game on their devices using the apk file but iOS users can’t do that (secure OS). Now iPhone users can also delight them by catching Pokemon all over the city without jailbreaking their precious iPhone. Follow the instructions below.

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What do you need:

  • Mac running Mac OS X or later
  • InstaSign with developer certificate ($ 14.99)
  • iFunbox
  • Pokemon ipa file (download)

Steps to sideload Pokemon Go on iOS

Setup IntsaSign on Mac OS X:


  1. Install InstaSign from App Store.
  2. Buy a certificate from FreeUDID website.
  3. Open Keychain Access and drag-drop the certificate file onto the Keychain Access window.
  4. Enter the password and click OK.

InstaSign is now ready to use, and you can sign the Pokemon Go ipa file.

Sign the ipa file:

  1. Launch InstaSign and select the certificate.
  2. Drag-drop the Pokemon ipa file on the InstaSign window.
  3. Click InstaSign button.
  4. InstaSign will sign the ipa file and save it to a folder on the desktop.

This signed ipa can now easily be installed on the iPhone using iTunes or iFunBox.

Install the signed ipa file:


  1. Download and install iFunBox on your mac.
  2. launch it from desktop shortcut.
  3. Connect your iPhone to PC using the data cable.
  4. Click on Install App and select the ipa file you just signed with InstaSign.
  5. The ipa file will install on your iPhone and you can launch it from the home screen.

Now you can play Pokemon Go and re-live your childhood catching Pokemon all around your city. And keep a power bank handy because this game drains battery faster than any other high-end game.