Amazon employee sues Samsung over Galaxy S7 Edge explosion causing third degree burns

Samsung is in the news for all wrong reasons. Before the series of Galaxy Note 7 explosion news came to a grinding halt, the company is facing trauma one again. According to reports, the Galaxy S7 Edge has exploded inside the pocket of the owner, Daniel Ramirez who works with Amazon in Ohio. He subsequently filed a lawsuit before the Superior Court of New Jersey.

As per the papers sourced from the court dated September 8, a Galaxy S7 Edge exploded causing substantial injuries to the owner, which includes second and third-degree burns. The papers reveal more details about the handset.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge explosion: User files lawsuit

The alleged phone in question was a black Verizon Galaxy S7 Edge, which was purchased from a Best Buy store in California on March 11, 2016. However, the explosion was said to have occurred on May 30 and came to the knowledge of the outside world only on September 9 when Ramirez filed a lawsuit. It looks like he was undergoing treatment all these times.

Galaxy S7 Edge in trouser pocket caught fire

According to Ramirez, the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone was in his front right trouser pocket when he was on duty at his construction job on an Amazon bookstore in Ohio.

As soon as he arrived to report for the work, the handset was reportedly making unusual sounds and vibrations.

Before he took the smartphone from the pockets, it exploded and caught fire inside the pocket. This has caused very anxious moments not only for himself but also for his co-workers.

After the fatal incident, Ramirez had to undergo treatment for second and third-degree burns as his pants melted onto his leg. Moreover, he had to undergo painful skin grafts and has “permanent and life-altering injuries.”

Samsung sued for the first time over battery issue

According to industry analysts, this is the first time Samsung has been sued over a battery issue with one of the handsets. It occurred with the S7 Edge, now the Note 7. This will not be the last. Samsung will have a tough time to regain trust among the customers.

Interestingly, the explosion of the Galaxy S7 Edge doesn’t evoke much media attention than the recent explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This time, the media has clearly highlighted the issues with the Galaxy Note 7. Moreover, the government as also banned the in-flight usage of Galaxy Note 7 handsets.

If you want to carry the recently released Note 7, you can do by putting it inside the hand baggage and switching it off. You will not be allowed to make use of the phone during the entire duration of your flight journey. The whole issue looks irritating since customers have invested plenty of money to obtain the new phone.

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