Reliance Lyf ‘Water catches fire’

There have been a lot of controversies surrounding Reliance, ahead of the sales starting from today. Starting from spats with other companies and the TRAI, it has now come to their own product which exploded in the hands of a user. Reliance products are known to be the cheapest in any category but, at what cost? Reliance Lyf Water 1 that was launched earlier this year in January exploded in the hands of a user while he was browsing through Facebook.

The user has received treatment for his injured hand, but the company is yet to respond. The cause of the explosion is not known, yet. However, the images suggest that it was the battery. Recently, the South Korean company Samsung found out about a defect in their Galaxy 7 Note smartphones and had to recall a large bulk of devices and replace all the ones that the users had. Last few weeks have witnessed smartphones like OnePlus and Xiaomi have a similar fate, and the companies were forced to take immediate action. However, unlike the other phones, Water 1 was not being charged at the time of the explosion.

Facebook is one of the apps that consumes a lot of battery. The mechanism of quick charging or discharging of the batteries heavily ionizes it, causing excessive heat. This results in an explosion or implosion. Such explosions in the past have resulted in severe burns, debilitating body parts on some occasions.

Lyf is yet to make a comment on this incident, but sources suggest that the company is on it and they’re investigating the incident. Nothing has been said about a settlement or even a reimbursement.

Such a controversy surrounding the 4G launch provides some negative publicity, but publicity, nonetheless. While people line up outside Reliance stores, hoping to get their hands on the cheapest 4G services, a threat of substandard products looms at large. It is likely that this bit of news gets lost in the bigger picture, but the homegrown company, with all its best interests at heart, should ideally focus on the quality aspect just as much as the price.

The 4G services have received an overwhelmingly good response since the test rollout. Hopefully the commercial rollout shall bear similar news and fate. Stay online for more updates on the matter.

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