Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases leak reveal dual camera setup and more

The alleged exclusive images of third-party iPhone 7 cases and bumpers have surfaced on the web. The leaked images reveal that that Apple iPhone 7 will feature a larger camera lens, and the Plus variant will be integrated with a dual camera setup. Apple is expected to release iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus during the first week of September. According to a detailed inventory list made available via a popular tech portal, Apple will release only two variants of iPhone 7 in 2016. We are unable to identify any cases for the iPhone 7 Pro, which was previously rumored to ship with a dual-camera setup. As per the information available on the catalog, the new cases, and bumpers for iPhone 7 are expected to enter master production on September 15. However, you can expect sample units of the new iPhone 7 cases between September 5 and 8.

According to the leaked catalog, there are 11 iPhone 7 cases, which will be not only ultra slim but also light weight. The project name for each case is provided as 0.3 Jelly, 2 in 1 0.3 Jelly, 0.3+ Wood, Jelly+Wood, 0.3+Pocket, Jelly+Pocket, 0.3+Totem Versatile, 0.3+bumper, Crystal+, Hard Crystal and U-Gloz.

Regarding iPhone 7 Plus, you can expect ultra slim and lightweight iPhone 7 cases in addition to anti-shock superior TPU case. Moreover, we spotted an entry which could be possibly a toughest and foldable screen protector.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases Availability

If rumors are to be believed, the new iPhone 7 cases and bumpers for both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to be released on September 15 much ahead of the official availability of the new iPhone 7 on September 23. Even though Apple will release the new iPhone 7 on September 7 with pre-orders starting on September 9, you will be able to experience the device only after September 23. In the meantime, you can buy the new iPhone 7 cases and keep it ready to protect your valuable device.

Apple ditches iPhone 7 Pro

In all probability, Apple will only release iPhone 7 with a 4.7-inch display and iPhone 7 Plus with a 5.5-inch display. The iPhone 7 Pro, which was rumored to ship with a 5.5-inch display with dual camera, has been reportedly ditched by Apple.

According to sources, Apple was expected to manufacture iPhone 7 Pro just in case it had problems with integrating a dual camera in iPhone 7 Plus. However, the Cupertino-based company never faced any problems with the production of the dual lens camera.

Hence, Apple doesn’t consider any need for the iPhone Pro. Since the Pro model is out, Apple is gearing up to release iPhone 7 Plus with dual lens camera. The first lens will be used for capturing normal pictures, while the second lens will be used for optical zooming.

As per reliable sources, Apple initially proposed the name of the new device such as iPhone 6SE to reserve the iPhone 7 name for 2017. To recall, Apple celebrates its 10th anniversary of iPhone next year and the company has planned something big like the addition of a glass display.

New iPhone 7 Features

In addition to minor design changes, Apple iPhone 7 will feature an Apple A10 processor, a new capacitive home button. Moreover, Apple will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack to accommodate the new lightning port connector. There are reports that electromagnetics will enable users to experience the sensation of a button clicking.

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