Apple iPhone 7 release date imminent, new report suggests optically stabilized camera

Apple iPhone 7 is expected to be integrated with an optically stabilized camera. The leaked images were released by, which is a popular French publication. The image reveals the rear camera modules of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus alongside the purported rear camera of iPhone 7 in the middle. You will notice that the camera modules of the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus have a narrow groove with two rectangular slots in it surrounding the lens. However, the other camera prototypes don’t have this feature. This signals the presence of a camera with OIS module. If the images are to be believed, you can expect the addition of both OIS and the rumored dual-camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus.

The leaked image shows the internal camera module from previous iPhones. This is done to showcase the difference between the old iPhone and the upcoming iPhone 7. It includes cut outs for the springs and mechanisms that are essential for the functioning of the OIS. This will enable the cameras to effectively float within the module, which in turn helps users to capture clear and blur-free captures even in extreme shaky conditions.

Apple iPhone 7

Ability to capture stunning pictures even in shaky conditions

Hence, even if your iPhone 7 is not still and shakes a lot, the device will be able to capture great quality images without any loss of clarity and detail.

We don’t know whether the leak is genuine or not. But if it turns out to be true, you can expect not only OIS-enabled camera in iPhone 7 but also dual-camera in the premium iPhone 7 Plus.

There are rumors that both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will ship with enhanced camera features when compared with the previous counterparts. According to industry analysts, the rumored integration of OIS in iPhone 7 camera will be the USP and key selling point since users are always on a lookout for a device with improved features.

Key featured shunted to 2017

We reliably learned that Apple had postponed major features and enhancements to iPhone 2017. This is because the Cupertino-based company is celebrating its 10th anniversary of iPhone in 2017 and the management wants to schedule all the major features for the next year. According to reports, the iPhone 2017 will ship with glass body display.

The upcoming iPhone 7 will have minor design features such as integration of lightning port and an addition of iOS 10. Apple had released iOS 10 beta in WWDC 2016 with plenty of features. Hence, you can surely expect iOS 10 in the new iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 7 Launch and Availability

Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7. The pre-orders will start after two days of launch event on September 9. However, orders will ship only from September 16 or 23 depending on the stock availability. There are rumors that Apple will bundle Bluetooth headphones inside the iPhone 7 product package.