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YouTube Go: 5 reasons you need Google’s light data YouTube app

YouTube announced the launch of YouTube Go app, which is designed and developed from insights gathered from India. During the Google for India event, the company unveiled the brand new YouTube Go app, which is completely refreshed from the ground up. According to company sources, the next generation of YouTube users will be able to discover the full potential of YouTube offerings with this app.

YouTube Go is launched based on the results of extensive results done across 15 cities in India by teams of engineers, designers, and researchers. They collected ideas and tested prototypes with hundreds of people.

YouTube Go will be rolled out to testers

Meanwhile, the popular video sharing portal owned by Google will roll out the YouTube Go app gradually to additional testers. After gathering their feedback, the company will improve the product before launching the app to the general public.

Commenting on the launch of YouTube Go, Johanna Wright, YouTube Vice President for Product Management revealed that the company always believed that connectivity should not be a barrier to watching YouTube. She said that in 2014 YouTube Offline was launched to enable you to watch videos without buffering problems.

YouTube Go will be relatable and social

Recently, a new feature named Smart Offline was launched to enable you to schedule videos to be saved offline later at off-peak times when there’s more bandwidth so data is faster and cheaper. With the help of new YouTube app, the company is bringing the power of video to mobile users in a way that is more conscious of their data and connectivity, while being relatable and social.

YouTube Go works even under poor connectivity

YouTube Go enables you to save and watch videos smoothly even in extreme circumstances such as poor connectivity. The app will provide transparency and control over how much data they consume on videos. This allows them to preview videos first and choose the video’s file size before they save it offline to watch later. Furthermore, you will be able to share videos easily with friends without using any data.

YouTube Go to fulfill four basic concepts

YouTube Go is primarily designed with four basic concepts. Firstly, the app is relatable with videos and a user interface is customized based on user needs. The app will have the capability to work even if there is low or no connectivity. Moreover, the app should be cost effective by equalizing the cost of data usage. Finally, the YouTube Go app brings improved social experience, connecting you with the people and content you care about.

The new preview function integrated with the new app showcases what to expect before choosing to save or play the video, and in which resolution. You can also share videos to your friends without consuming any data.

YouTube Go will gradually roll out to more people over the next few months, which will be improved based on feedback. You can express your interest for participation in beta by signing up at youtubego.com/signup.