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Xiaomi to launch its Smart Mi Water Purifier soon in India says Barra

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

Xiaomi has recently announced a smart water purifier in China on 16th July and now planning to bring it in India soon. As India stands at 126th position in International Standards for Drinking Water issued by World Health Organization, Xiaomi is looking to capture a strong hold in this ever expanding water purification market in India.

In a Facebook post, the vice-president of Xiaomi – Hugo Barra said, “This is a product we’d LOVE to bring to India soon – Mi Water Purifier. Just declared today, it makes tap water filtered with Reverse Osmosis (RO), is supercompact, shows real-time water quality, and reminds you on your smartphone when it’s time to replace the filter.”

The Mi Water Purifier uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to purify the water, which is the same process used for bottled pure water filtration, desalinization and medical water.

The Mi Water Purifier employs four filters – cotton, two activated coconut carbon filter, and an RO sheath. The first cleans residue, rust, and other such impurities from the water, the carbon filters diminishes staining and fragrance. It also improves the taste while the RO sheath filters heavy metals, bacteria and other organic matter from the water.

The coolest part of Mi Water Purifier is its higher water flow rate thanks to a 400-gallon high flow RO filter and an enhanced water purification lane. The device can purify up to 76 barrels of water per day.

The Mi Water Purifier can be controlled through its smartphone apps, just like every other smart product they have in the market right now.

The Mi Water Purifier has been developed with Yunmi Technology and is eight times faster than any other standard water purifier.

The Mi Water Purifier will be available for $209 (Rs. 13,299) approximately in India.

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