UAG Apple iPhone 6 Case Review: If it cannot protect your phone, nothing can!

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Urban Armor Gear – UAG – The name says it all, they’re maker of one of the most sturdy, tough, and reliable smartphone & tablets cases currently available. And all that too without losing looks or feel or adding much extra weight. We’ve got chance to review UAG case for iPhone 6 available to buy in the market.

The best thing about UAG cases are they all got the same design with four different color options. They’ve mastered their product and gives the best they got. UAG offers cases for wide variety of smartphones including the latest Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and Google Nexus 6.


Before writing this review, I’am already using the case on my iPhone 6 for over a week now and am not going to take it down, at least for next couple of months.

The case comes in standard cardboard box and UAG gives a free glossy screengaurd with every case as well, which actually is pretty useless. I will not suggest using it on your phone. The case on the other hand, is a superb product.


[quote_center]The cover snaps-in and snaps-out pretty easily and fits just perfectly. [/quote_center]

The cover snaps-in and snaps-out pretty easily and fits just perfectly. UAG, without any doubt, has used the industry’s top-notch quality materials to develop the case and testing confirms devices protected by UAG cases are compliant with MIL-STD-810G 516.6. In simpler words, the case feels premium, looks solid, and protects your device as expected.


The case features anti-greasing coating, fingerprint and dust resistance, and that’s why it gives you the perfect grip and hold over your device. The corners of the case have integrated anti-shock bumpers which can protect your phone from the nastiest fall. The case lets phone slides in or out easily of the pockets.



Keys and buttons on the case are perfectly crafted using soft TPU silicone gel based material which keeps the button easily accessible the requirement of any extra pressure to register a keypress or click.

The innovative dual-layered surface cutting at connecting ports and speaker grills allows you to easily jack the charger or headphone in the ports without any snag.



[pull_quote_left]UAG should think about giving their cases anti-scratch coating as well.[/pull_quote_left]

The case protects your phone easily from the scratches or dent, but itself can get scratched pretty easily. Your home or car keys can easily scratch the case. UAG should think about giving their cases anti-scratch coating as well. Rest the case is pretty fine and comfortable to use.



  • Gives amazing grip
  • Gives amazing protection
  • Superb quality
  • Premium looks
  • Light-weight (for the level of protection it gives)
  • Easily washable


  • Costly
  • Limited color choices
  • Prone to scratches


I can now put my phone on pretty much anywhere without worrying about getting damaged. It also protects the camera ring perfectly. The case for iPhone 6 is priced at $34.95 and for other products, price may vary. And the best thing is UAG offers free international shipping for customers outside the US.

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