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Top 5 Online Super Mario Games – The Plumber at work!


Super Mario games are all about adventures, challenges, and fighting. Everyone loves the character of Super Mario but many of you might not know that Mario is actually an Italian who is a plumber by profession and lives in Brooklyn NYC. And just like how Mario being a plumber in the game saves the day, copem Plumbers can save you from the water damages and plumbing issues in real life. They are just like the real-life Super Mario at work.

Playing Super Mario is the best what you can do once you have a bit of free time. Besides, all the games which are presented in the following list are available online. So, take your device and merge into a new fun adventure.


Discover Super Smash Flash 2 Online. The game is fun and fits for both children and adults. Especially boys and men love it because they have a chance to demonstrate their fighting skills. You will have to assist Mario to fight all along the way up on the ladder. The games allow challenging such popular and well-known game characters as Pikachu, Goku, Naruto, Donkey Kong, and others. It is possible to fight against up to three opponents. That is why do not hesitate to call your best friends and play together in confrontation mode.



The game Super Mario Fruits is one of the most exciting Mario’s adventures. This time, our lovely Italian plumber has to be on the road again. In fact, his adventures never stop. Mario feels sick of mushrooms and gold coins. He wants to collect fruits. There are many levels, and you will be responsible to collect fruits as fast as possible. Do not forget that your time is limited.


Mario Brother 1 offers only one level. You will be limited in time to survive through it. There will be a lot of evil monsters and difficult obstacles. From first sight, the goal of the game may sound easy. Before you do any conclusion, you should try it for yourself. The game is very hardcore and super challenging. So, it is a perfect game for those who want to test their skills and nerves.


Have you ever tried the game Angry Mario 2? You definitely should. It is time to help Mario win the challenging battle with the alien creatures. They have just arrived in the world of Mario. They do not lose their time and already managed to build around themselves powerful fortresses. They have all the materials and superpowers. Mario shoots turtles, destroys strong structures, but the only way to get the enemy is from above.


Most of the boys love the entertaining Mario Tank game. As usual, the main character Mario gets in a tank and makes his way to rescue Princess Peach. You will have to use your weapons to defeat the opponent. Prepare yourself to be fired from all sides. Do your best to evade shells, if you do not want let your enemies quickly destroy you. There will be many different items to collect along your way.