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Juno spacecraft to reach Jupiter on July 4

NASA’s Juno spacecraft will reach Jupiter on July 4 and decode its hidden secrets

National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) solar powered spacecraft Juno will do something that has never been done before in the history of science....
three star planet binary jupiter

Scientists discover rare triple-star system with new planet using KELT

The binary system which all along assumed to be a typical single star or even a pair is a triple-star system according to Researchers...
NASA NeoShield program

NASA formalised Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) to find and track Near-Earth objects

The European Union sponsored a program called NEOShield, which is developing methods of using nuclear weapons to deflect rogue asteroids that will one day...
NASA Jupiter probe Juno

Juno: NASA Jupiter spacecraft sets new record travels 793 kilometers

NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter has broken the record today to become mankind's most distant solar-powered spacecraft. The milestone occurred, when the probe was...

Astronomers discover infant version of Jupiter 100 light years away from Earth

Chile: Astronomers have discovered an exoplanet, named 51 Eridani b, not more than 100 light years away from earth. The find was made by...
Venus Jupiter and Moon

The Moon, Venus, and Jupiter will inline in rare divine three-in-one meeting tomorrow

The Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are the second, third and the fourth brightest heavenly bodies after the Sun. The three celestial bodies will be...