Samsung Rolls Out March Security Update for Galaxy S20 Series and Tab Active 3 in the US

Samsung Rolls Out March Security Update for Galaxy S20 Series and Tab Active 3 in the US
Samsung's March 2024 security update for Galaxy S20 series and Tab Active 3 in the US enhances device security with new patches. Learn more about the update and how to install it.

Samsung has initiated the rollout of the March 2024 security update for its Galaxy S20 series, including the Galaxy S20 FE, and the Tab Active 3 in the United States, marking a significant step in its commitment to device security. This latest update underscores the tech giant’s dedication to maintaining the security and performance of its older flagship models alongside newer devices.

The update encompasses the Galaxy S20 FE 5G with the model number SM-G781B, introducing firmware version G781BXXS9HXB4 that addresses a series of security vulnerabilities. While initially rolled out in Brazil, Samsung plans to extend the update to other regions shortly. Users are advised to manually check for the update in their device settings under “Software update” to ensure their gadgets are running the most secure software version available.

Furthermore, the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy S20 FE (4G) identified by the model number SM-G780G has also received the security patch. This specific update, bearing the firmware version G780GXXS8EXC1, aims to fix around 44 security vulnerabilities without introducing any new features or performance enhancements. It is available in numerous countries across Europe and Latin America, demonstrating Samsung’s global reach in delivering consistent updates​​.

For the Galaxy S20 FE, particularly the 5G model carrying the model number SM-G781B, the update brings the firmware version G781BXXS9HXB4, patching numerous security issues identified in the software. Samsung’s pattern of releasing these updates first in select regions before a wider rollout implies that users in the US and other territories will soon have access to these crucial security enhancements.

Galaxy S20 series, having passed its eligibility for major OS updates, now focuses on receiving these vital security patches to ensure users’ data remains protected against emerging threats. The Galaxy S20 FE, launched with Android 10 and currently operating on Android 13, is set to continue receiving security updates for an additional year, despite not being eligible for the Android 14 update.

This proactive approach by Samsung in rolling out timely security updates for its devices, including those not in the immediate previous launch window, highlights the importance the company places on user security and device integrity. It serves as a reassurance to users that their devices, despite being older models, remain protected against emerging security threats.

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