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Prisma app update brings cool new features and improved speed

Prisma app happens to be one of the most sought after photo editing tools at the moment. That said, its appeal should see a further uptake on the back of several new features that have been added to the app as part of the latest update. With the innate ability of the app to convert any image into an artistic rendering of the same, the app has emerged as one of the hot favorites among those who love tinkering with their images. Also, the latest update comes on the back of an update rolled out just this July that introduced the much needed save button. This enabled users to save a copy of the rendered image, unlike the earlier process where users could only share an image and never save them.

Mentioned here are the new features to look forward to posting the update.

Prisma app update: Crop and rotate feature

Users get to crop the images or rotate them 90 degrees along any direction before they apply the desired filter. This no doubt will allow better control over the image that they wish to make an artistic masterpiece of.

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Prisma app update: Filter-blend control

Users will now have more control over the extent to which the filter is to be applied to a given image. Starting with the original image to the maximum extent possible to which it can be rendered, users now have more control as to what extent they wish the image to look like an artwork rendering of the original.

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Prisma app update improves speed

The update also brings along a much-needed performance boost to the app that had started to become notorious for the almost indefinite waiting that one had to endure to achieve the desired results. That is understandable considering the immense popularity of the app which made the servers panting for breath. However, with the bottlenecks having been eased, users can look forward to a much more peppy performance as tasks get done in a jiffy.

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Prisma app update: Split effect

The feature is designed to split the image to display both the effects, the original as well as the ‘artwork,’ as is evident in an Instagram post made by the Prisma Labs. This makes for a nice contrast though the feature right now seems to be available only to iOS users at the moment. No word when it is going to reach Android though that should happen pretty soon going by its popularity among the Android masses.