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Prisma app Officially available for Android on Google Play Store

Finally, the Prisma app is available for download on Android through Google Play Store. The app was earlier made available on beta mode via invite and has now gone public. This means you need not have to wait for an invite or download APK file from unreliable sources for Prisma app to work. The app is currently available directly from the Google Play Store.

With effective use of artificial intelligence, the images captured via Prisma app look more or less like they were actually created by humans instead of computer generated algorithms. The Android app is identical to is iOS counterpart by introducing several filters and effects. You can work out images in such a way that it will look real to third-party.

Prisma App to upgrade with video support

Equipped with over 30 filters, the Android app is similar to that of iOS including the ability to snap a new photo or pick an existing image from the gallery. Prisma app will be upgraded with video support within the next few days. The company is also planning to integrate live video support for the upcoming upgrade before the end of 2016. However, the company sources declined to reveal any further specific information regarding the future roadmap.

In the meantime, Prisma disclosed that they will be deleting least popular styles in an upcoming update and will be replaced with several cool new ones. Even though users will not be happy with the removal of few filters, the Prisma app has been already integrated with several high-quality filters and hence the deficit will be neutralized to some extent.

Even though Prisma is available on Google Play Store, it will take few hours for it be available depending upon the location.

There were rumors that few companies have approached Prisma with a proposal for an acquisition but people close to the company say that the request has been turned down.