Oppo launches new Enco W51 true wireless headphones with ANC tech in India; priced Rs. 4,999

Oppo has announced the launch of the new Enco W51 true wireless headphones with active noise cancellation technology in India, with sales slated to start from September 10 from Amazon India. Priced at Rs. 4,999, the new headphones, which also happens to be the first active noise cancellation true wireless headphones from Oppo Acoustics, is expected to start a new era of connected smart entertainment for users in the country.

Towards that, the headphones come with advanced features such as wireless charging capability, ultra-low latency along with professional quality audio. The built-in smart controls allow for ease in operations while the integrated Bluetooth 5.0 chip ensures a stable and strong connection with the base device.

Among the other biggest positive with the Enco W51 headphones is its ‘2 + 2’ noise reduction feature. This has been achieved by using a combination of a new high-end dual-core digital noise reduction chip with dual ANC technology. This has resulted in the W51 to have an effective noise reduction frequency all the way up to 2.5 kHz.

That is not all as the headphone also uses a three microphone noise reduction feature, which provides for minimum interference from the outside world. All of this ensures a really quiet environment that the headphones operate in, letting in only the noise that matters while canceling out all the chaos of the outside world.

For power, Oppo is claiming a battery life of 24 hours on a single full charge. The W51 also supports Qi wireless charging tech, which allows for 3 hours of charge accumulated within just 15 mins of charge. The headphones also come in attractive shades of Starry Blue and Floral White, making it among the most stylish true wireless active noise cancelling headphones you can flaunt at the moment.


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