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Make video in 10 steps: Advanced Video Editing the easy way

The smartphone world has become so competitive that even a mid-range phone costing $250 can click some outrageous 4K footage nowadays!

But the topic is not that. You may own a fancy camera that costs a bomb or have an iPhone, which is your daily partner. You must ensure that the content you generate is worthy of keeping your audience engaged.

That is why video editing skills are a must, irrespective of what you use for shooting the stuff! In this article, we will discuss advanced video editing using the easiest video editing software, i.e. the InVideo video maker.

As a top-up, we have also listed some free editing software for Windows.

Let’s delve into it right now.

Make Video in 10 Steps Advanced Video Editing the Easy Way

How to edit your videos using the easiest video editing software, i.e. InVideo’s video maker?

Choosing the right software

When you think of getting the right software, you may incline towards obtaining the most accessible video editing software. Unfortunately, there is no easy or hard software in the market; it’s all about your taste and preference.

While trying various software, you may find free editing software for Windows the easiest or any premium ones like the Adobe Premiere Pro. You can also use InVideo’s video editor for a variety of purposes, such as for YouTube, for making invitations, Intros, and so much more.

Choosing the requisite hardware

Most of the beginners start with a free video editing software for Windows. On the other hand, advanced video editors use costly stuff to edit their videos. You can try buying a pro kit worth thousands of dollars, or you can use InVideo’s easiest video editing software to make the perfect video for yourself.

The best part of choosing us would be that you don’t have to pay for the hardware part; you can choose to be a free account holder on our website or pay a small sum periodically to access our premium features.

Learning keyboard shortcuts

If you are looking for advanced editing the easy way, you must be a master of shortcuts. It won’t just save time; it will make the task much more fathomable. While looking from outside the industry, you may think that it merely saves a few seconds now and then, but you know the truth; those few seconds are precious and worth in gold.

If you are not good at remembering, make a cheat sheet for yourself or get an editing keyboard or a keyboard cover containing the shortcuts for yourself to make sure that it doesn’t hamper the outcome.

Overcoming the semantic barrier and learning the lingo

To thrive in any industry, you must have an idea of the dialect that is in use daily. Again, it won’t necessarily make you a good video editor, but it will be handy when you are out for help or dealing with your clients. You will have to learn it all yourself, and even the easiest video editing software won’t help you with that!

Choose an appropriate template

Why do we take pride in being the easiest video editing software available in the market?

As soon as you log in to your InVideo account, you would be greeted with a workflow screen where you can choose from the categories of templates. Based on the type selected, the AI would suggest some tailored structures to you.

Once you have the desired template, it is time you select the script and give your video a headline. Or you can add a URL to let us fetch the data on the scraper. You can also use media files to resonate with the video you are looking to make.

Adding a tasteful music

Music reaches the heart faster than visuals. There is a flavor to videos coming from different parts of the world, and an expert can differentiate them based on the music itself. Do not make the mistake of over-focusing on video and forgetting the audio part.

You can find several subscriptions offering royalty-free music for your needs. If you want to be on the next level, pay, and you will get the best audio available in the market.

Getting the right resolution for the right platform

We all know how serene a video looks on a 4K or an 8K television, but most of us use our PDAs to access videos. It calls for you to understand the nerves of your audience and adjust yourself to satisfy their needs.

You would need to cater to several things like codec, resolutions, bit rate, and frame rate. Getting all of them right and in the same line would mean that you have the correct resolution for the right platform. You may use the easiest video editing software or free editing software to get it all; it doesn’t matter how you do it.

It is a story and not just a video

If you want to master the art of advanced editing, you must learn that it is much more than a few lines in a particular language. If you have a look at the movie Parasite, you would realize that the story is much bigger than the language itself.

While editing, keep in the back of your mind that you are trying to give birth to a story through an audio-visual medium, and it’s not just a video. And do not forget to keep your director’s hat down for a while and don the audience’s one to check if the story is tangible to your target people.

Wrapping up

If you want to achieve advanced video editing the easy way, you need to understand that it is a mix of several elements, as listed above in the article. Messing any of them up would mean that either the final product would take too much time or would seem half-baked.

It is good to try and achieve anything faster, but do not forget the essentials along the way! With the help of InVideo, you now get the easiest video editing software at your fingertips. You can create professional-looking videos in no more than 5 minutes. So what are you waiting for, and why? Give InVideo a try today.

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