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Best iOS Action Games for Apple iPhone and iPad

Best Action Games for iOS

Action games are very popular in the phone gaming niche. These games are pretty involving and are designed to keep you at the edge and keep your reflexes at an all time high. Seamless graphics and console-like controls are what makes a complete gaming experience for us. Here is a list of our top picks of the action games for iOS.

Infinity Blade 3:

The swipe and tap action packed swipe game is back with the third iteration of infinity blade series. This game for sure outdid itself with its action packed story and a very nail-biting conclusion. This game includes everything right from crafting your weapons to upgrading armors and using potions.

Implosion: Never Lose Hope

This game is specially designed for the lovers of Sci-Fi. It includes you getting involved in different types of melee attacks and gunplay. The graphics in this game is pretty amazing and the controls are very interactive.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft has for a pretty long time delivered some of the best FPS games when it comes to mobile devices. The Modern Combat 5 is another of its masterpieces. The storyline of this game is pretty amazing, but the main attraction lies in the fact that this game supports multiplayer playing. Like the previous versions, you get to choose the class of the unit that you want to play as during the gameplay.

World of Tanks: Blitz

This game, in all ways is the mini version of its PC edition. In this game, you engage a 7-versus-7 multiplayer battle between the Allied and Axis forces. There are many scenarios for you to battle in and you will never get bored of this amazing game.


This is a multiplayer online game which is very popular with the iOS users due to its uniqueness when it comes to such games on this platform. The game is in vein with some of the much loved games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends. The graphics in this game are pretty slick and the controls are easy to get used to.

Ridiculous Fishing:

This game may not have very high end graphics, but when it comes to overall idea and general addictiveness, the game is definitely a winner. The gameplay for this game is pretty odd, it involves you getting as many fish you can by using the line and hook and then throw them up in the air and get as many of them possible with bullets from the gun provided .

Epoch 2:

The much loved robot Epoch is back with this iteration of the gaming series. The game involves some pretty amazing graphics and innovative shooting skills which are sure to keep you involved.

Dead Trigger 2:

This is a pretty amazing first person shooter game. This game is especially designed for the people who love games that involve intense fighting with hordes of zombies. This game gets more competitive as you can enter into communities and check your rank and scores as opposed to hundreds of player who are playing along with you.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Involving famous characters from the DC universe, this game is a mobile adaptation of the popular gaming console version. This game involves touch and swipe battles and upgrades that unlock better attacks and features.

Halo: Spartan Strike

The Halo saga is back with a bang with this game. The game consists of a 30-mission campaign that has an excellent story line and a very intensive play.

From this list, our personal favourite is the modern combat 5. This is a paid game, but is worth every penny that you might spend on it. It is a pretty amazing experience that you will get with this game that too on a mobile device.

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