Yahoo Mail rolls out 2016 Rio Olympics medal counter, live news and stationeries

Yahoo has rolled out several new updates to Yahoo Mail on the occasion of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. To experience these new updates, you need to access the Yahoo Mail via Windows or Mac desktop. As part of the new update, you will find a real-time updated medal counter on the bottom left corner of the screen. Hence, it will enable you to keep track of the medal count of every country without leaving Yahoo Mail. You need not have to navigate to any other site to access the latest medal position. Moreover, the news feed of Mail enables you to know comprehensive information about the various developments without signing out from the interface.

Commenting on the release of new updates, an official spokesperson of Yahoo revealed that the company has introduced several new features for Yahoo Mail to enable users to get in the spirit. Moreover, Yahoo would like to engage with users till the end of 2016 Rio Summer Olympics to keep up with the action.

As soon as you log in to Yahoo Mail, you will view a medal count table, which displays the three country names that are in the top position. You should note that the medal position varies daily. Hence, you should access your Yahoo Mail daily to know which country stands at the top. Interestingly, India has also been featured on the medal table, although we haven’t scored any medals yet.

If you select “Follow the games” link located below the medal tally, you will view a new page which displays detailed information about the various developments related to 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

You will be able to view videos, schedule, medals, list of participating countries, athletes and various sporting events by selecting the appropriate option from the top navigation bar. The news stories are updated per minute basis. Hence, you will view fresh information every time you access the page.

Accessing News Feeds

If you select the option labeled “W” on the top navigation panel, you will be able to view live news feeds related to 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

On the top right-hand side, you will be able to view the word “RIO” written in a specific fashion surrounded by green and blue background.

Working with Stationary

As part of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, Yahoo Mail also released new themed stationary for both Windows and iOS, which will be available through the end of the on-going games.

To access the “Stationery” feature, you need to compose a new mail and select the option named Stationery. You will view a wide range of several themed stationeries categorized by the relevant country. If you select the relevant country name, the specific stationery will be added to the compose window.

By introducing a wide range of new features, Yahoo is trying to attract people to login into its Mail system not only to access the inboxes but also to know about the latest developments surrounding the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

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