How to watch 2016 Rio Olympics on iPhone, iPad and Android

The 2016 Rio Olympics has finally kicked off with a grand inaugural function in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For the next 16 days, we will experience a wide range of thrilling sporting events featuring some of the popular athletes from around the world.

It’s not possible for all of us to visit Rio to watch the events live. However, you will be able to keep yourself updated via your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

2016 Rio Olympics on iPhone and iPad

You can watch the 2016 Summer Olympics on your iPhone and iPad with the help of various mobile apps available on the Apple store.

NBC Sports

With NBC Sports app, you will be able to watch not only Rio Olympics but also other sporting events. The official sports mobile page of NBC Sports displays a list of all apps available to watch the Rio Olympics with the relevant links.

The user interface is simple to understand and you can easily locate the information you require. However, you need cable access to view the live coverage within the app. You will be able to know a live update of news, medals tally, and winners.

If you don’t have cable credentials, you can directly navigate to via a browser. You can watch full video coverage of the opening ceremony and the sporting events as and when it occurs. You can download the app for free on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

NBC Sports Radio

If you prefer to hear radio talk of the latest 2016 Summer Olympics, you can download NBC Sports Radio app available for free.

Paid Apps

You can watch the Olympics live on your iPhone and iPad. The Channels app enables you to stream live TV to your mobile devices. However, it requires a custom tuner and HDTV antenna. You will be able to watch, pause and rewind local or cable TV directly on your iPhone and iPad. This app is available for $14.99.

In addition to channels, you can also consider SlingPlayer for iPhone, which is also available for $14.99. The app enables you to watch TV and DVR directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. However, you need access to special set-top boxes and hardware.

2016 Rio Olympics on Android

Nowadays, people have access to Android smartphones and tablets. You can download the NBC Sports mobile app for Android. The app is the same as iPhone but compatible with Android devices.

Available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean, the Rio 2016 mobile app provides the latest information on the Olympic schedule, results, medals, sports, athletes and teams, venues, maps and much more.

You can also try the official IOC Android mobile app named – The Olympics. The app not only features live updates from the 2016 Summer Olympics but also London 2012, Vancouver 2010, Beijing 2008 and much more.

You can find more related apps by searching with the keyword “2016 Summer Olympics” on the Google Play Store.

2016 Rio Olympics on Social Media

In addition to mobile apps, you can keep track of the 2016 Summer Olympics on Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. As of writing this, #OpeningCeremony is trending on Twitter. You will find coverage of news related to Olympics 2016 from media all over the world.