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Fashion wristwear, PLAYFIT SLIM2C

Catering to the high buzz festive fervor amongst the Indian consumers, PLAY has launched a stunningly “designed and made-in India” unisex smartwatch, PLAYFIT SLIM2C. The latest smartwatch takes inspiration from fashion-designer watches and is extremely beautiful and fashionable and yet has all the features of a smartwatch giving it the best of both worlds. In a bid to strengthen the design-in-India movement and provide the Indian consumers with superior technological products at affordable prices, PLAY, India’s leading manufacturer of premiumly-styled, affordable, yet durable AioT products, has launched its latest smartwear product, PLAYFIT SLIM2C. True to its name, this next-generation wearable technology is a SLIM technology marvel crafted in a wristwear for Indian consumers reflecting their growing adulation for a smartwatch over the traditional designer-watch.

PLAYFIT SLIM2C will be available at an affordable price of just INR 3999 from 22nd November’2022. It is designed, developed, and manufactured in India, keeping a conscious design language suited to the Indian consumer’s requirements, aspirations and their feedback. The smartwatch will be available on PLAY’s official website and all major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart along with the 50,000 offline retail stores across the country. Since its inception, the brand has expanded its geographical reach to ensure that consumers can experience and buy their latest product innovations from a local vicinity.

Spokesperson—PLAY, Mr. Hamish Patel, said, “It’s always exciting to design premium-styled, yet affordable products for Indian consumers who are well aware about the global technology evolution, completely mindful of their individual lifestyle and hence are clear about their product and experience requirements. We are extremely motivated and happy to announce the arrival of PLAYFIT SLIM2C for our consumers, which sets yet another benchmark in the smart wristwear technology. At PLAY, we are always on the quest to provide fashionable yet technologically superior product innovations to our customers which cater to their personalized requirements and expectations. PLAYFIT SLIM2C is a worthy proof of a harmonious blend of advanced technology with an equally fashionable design. It competes for its place with the international peers in the industry, has best in class design and features, yet is launched at a very India-centric customer price. We look forward to our customers’ feedback for the product and hope that PLAYFIT SLIM2C will receive positive consumer adulation like its many predecessors.”

A brief about PLAYFIT SLIM2C’s specifications:

PLAYFIT SLIM2C is a Bluetooth based CALLING smartwatch with a 1.3″ fashionable and circular dial with a rich IPS display. The complete package of the design boasts of a rich, 500 nits brightness display, IPS panel providing an all-view angle display visibility, a flat dial surface courtesy the 2.5D glass which rests on top of the display. The smartwatch though has a SLIM form factor but with an equally irresistible PLAYtime of 5-days. This sleek innovation is integrated with a wide range of technological advancements and features tailored to assist the on-the-go lifestyle requirements of the modern-age consumers.

A smart wear maestro, PLATFIL SLIM2C gives real-time notifications about heart rate, blood oxygen, blood-pressure, best in class pedometer, sedentary alert, and sleep monitoring patterns. It also works as a digital display for users to get SNS notifications via vibration and other smart updates like weather updates, hydration reminder etc. For fitness enthusiasts, the smartwatch also has a calorie monitor that gives them immediate monitoring of the calories burnt during their fitness regime. For the consumers who like a constantly changing ecosystem, the smartwatch brings multiple cloud-hosted watch faces which can be changed using the in-house developed companion app called PLAYFIT. At the launch, PLAYFIT SLIM2C will be available in two colours, Champagne and Black.

The smartwatch design is fashionable, alluring and chic, absolutely in alignment with the taste of the Indian consumers. It boasts of IPS display leading to enhanced all-view visibility and image sharpness. PLAYFIT SLIM2C also has an IP67 rating providing protection against dust and sweat/water for an extended period of usage.  PLATFIT SLIM2C, a stunner in design is also a technology marvel and inspite of the SLIM design, provides for an industry best PLAYtime of approximately 5-days. Simply put, users can go hiking or enjoy their long weekends without having to bother about the need to recharge.

“PLAYFIT” companion application enables a host of fitness monitoring tools and is designed in India as well as hosted on Indian servers, aligned with the government of India policy of privacy and hosting of consumer data. Users can track their fitness sessions, display/disable the social media notifications on the smartwatch, monitor the sleep patterns and configure the other monitoring tools. PLAYFIT is available for download from the google and apple stores and works across the PLAYFIT devices under a common application and login ID. This essentially means that in case the consumer upgrades his host smartphone, he doesn’t have to lose the historic data but the same is auto downloaded from the cloud on the new smartphone. When the consumer upgrades from one PLAYFIT device to another PLAYFIT device, they can continue their fitness streak right from the last PLAYFIT device session. The fitness monitoring on the PLAYFIT app is continuous and irrespective of the PLAYFIT model and host smartphone device.