Energizer is a global leader in the dynamic business of providing power solutions with a full portfolio of products including Energizer battery products, rechargeable batteries and charging systems; portable flashlights and power connectors, inductive chargers. A new phase of Energizer is going to enter the Indian market offering products ranging from batteries, screen protectors, USB cables, chargers, light products, tools, and production supplies.

Today we will be having a chat with Mr. Manish Prasad; Sales and Business Development Director, Avenir Telecom and know more details about the company’s insights and their plan of action in India.

  1. Please tell us about the vision of Energizer behind entering the already crowded mobile-accessory market?

I agree with your point that the market is very crowded, but at the same time, it does not have any known global brand. The market is filled with low-quality products and unorganized local brands. Energizer believes in bringing new innovative products and focused a lot on Global R&D while we launch any product. The brand has produced focused consumer products that power the essential devices which help people stay connected throughout the time providing a complete solution to fulfill daily lifestyle needs. We innovate with the products and are offering unique products that no other brand is providing in the Indian Market. We have been studying them for a considerable time and realized that this would be the best time to hit the market as there is no competition in the International brand in the premium category, the Indian consumers appreciate the price factor for the quality which we provide, and consumers are connecting well with the brand.

  1. Energizer is a well-known brand in many countries, are these products also available in other countries also? Or they are India exclusive only?

We are already present in 165 other countries since a long period of time. India is one of the last markets where we have entered. We entered in the later part, due to market demands and price expectations. All the products which we are offering in India are available to the consumers worldwide.

  1. What all offerings you have for Apple iPhone users?

Energizer provides four qualities of lightning cables for Apple iPhones. We have a lightning drive which we plan to launch in the next phase. In the Anti shock category, we offer anti shock  &  water proof covers as well as the tempered glasses for the iPhone users. I would like to mention that we have a unique product for iPhone users which is the IP68 mobile cover. It is shock proof, dust proof and most importantly waterproof, up-till a depth of 3m for an hour. We are confident that this product will surely catch the eyeballs and amaze the consumers with its waterproof feature.

  1. What all new products we can see from Energizer in upcoming days?

We have recently launched the stainless steel stretchable iPhone cable. Also, we have lined up multiple products for the Indian market. We will soon be introducing the waterproof, mobile covers for Apple iPhone users and Samsung galaxy s8 tempered glasses, for which there is a huge demand in the market currently. We will continue to bring new products in the market in the coming phases as well. As we are always present in all the international big exhibitions related to mobiles/accessories &consumer electronics so  We are exhibiting in a big way at IFA, Berlin next month and are launching new innovative product categories which sync with the legacy of the Energizer brand

  1. What is the current plan of action of the brand for increasing distribution and reach in India?

Considering the current market trends, we believe, integration is the key to success. We plan to target all channels for the sales including e-commerce where we have listed our products on all top platforms as well as brick and mortar stores. We will be doing business through RDS channel partners and distributing them across India in top 15 cities to focus upon initially. We will also cater to the National& Regional power retail market. We look forward to brand stores to expand our reach and are associating ourselves with popular platforms like IIFA to connect with the youth and other platforms to reach out to the potential consumers as well.

  1. What is the market size of mobile accessory in India and the growth expected over next few years?

Overall the market size is of more than 6500 crores, out of which the category we want to operate is estimated to be of 1800-2000 crores. The industry is growing at a rate of almost 10% every year and it will grow exponentially with the growth of smartphone market.

  1. Which products do you plan to launch after mobile accessories in India?

We plan to launch the Energizer Smartphones after the accessories products in India. However, we are still evaluating the opportunity in the Indian market. We are launching new range of innovative Energizer Smartphones and feature phone at the IFA, Berlin next month

  1. Energizer charges the premium for their products whereas Indian customers are price conscious, how do you plan to attract customers on the other side of the bridge?

We have priced our products equivalent to what the Indian brands are charging for their products. Customers have to buy the same products time and again with the product quality currently offered in the market. With 2 years of Warranty along Energizer products, we believe customers will be ready to pay slightly more than those of local products. Also, we have something to offer to every category of customer, catering to all segments. We have categorized Energizer range into 3 different quality range, the Classic, the High-tech and the Ultimate. Classic being the basic category and Ultimate is the Superior one. We understand the needs of customers from each category and believe we are able to cater to all these segments.

We thank Mr. Manish Prasad for the interview!