Apple iPhone 7 ‘real’ leaked running Apple software along with Lightning EarPods

We have seen a lot of iPhone 7 leaks till date. Almost all of them featured a non-working model of the smartphone. We can’t even be sure if those are original shells of the upcoming device or made by the third party. However, this time, a video has leaked online which shows a real functional Apple iPhone 7.

The working iPhone 7 looks genuine, and it is seen running Apple’s internal device testing Operating System. The smartphone looks similar to the present iPhone 6S with identical design language. Only the antenna lines have shifted its position. They have moved to the edges of the handset instead of running horizontally across the back. The upcoming iPhone will almost certainly get rid of the 3.5 mm audio port.

A brand new Apple EarPods is presumed to be shipped with the new generation iPhones. The headphones will feature a lightning connector which will attach to the lightning port. We have seen these new type of headphones in a number of leaks.

The most detailed video of the upcoming Apple headphones has just been outed in YouTube. The latest video has been uploaded by Mobile Fun’s YouTube channel. Based in Birmingham, Mobile Fun is one of the most popular online marketplace selling smartphone accessories.

The forthcoming Apple EarPods in the video looks really similar to the EarPods currently bundled with present iPhones. They share identical earbuds and remote microphone module. One notable thing in the video is that, surprisingly, the entire cable of the Lightning headphones is not shown even once.

This year’s new iPhone 7 will sport a similar sized 4.7-inch display of that of the present iPhone 6S. Apple will also unveil one or may be two large iPhones this year. Both the bigger iPhones is presumed to come with a 5.5-inch display. Apple is expected to focus more on internal changes than altering the cosmetics.

The cameras of all the upcoming iPhones will be revamped. The larger iPhone is speculated to sport a dual lens camera. The smaller iPhone 7 will retain the single lens set-up but with a significantly upgraded lens.

This year Apple is expected to announce its brand new smartphone range on September 9th and the new devices will go on sale a week later on September 16th. The next generation iPhones will also come with an upgraded processor and enhanced water resistance.

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