Xiaomi Mi smartwatch release date and price: Smartwatch to cost below Rs. 10000

The Xiaomi smartwatch could retail for less than 1000 yuan when ready, claimed noted industry analyst Pan Jiutang. That comes to a very competitive $150.

Of course, these are unofficial estimates with no confirmation from the Chinese manufacturer if it indeed is the price the smartwatch will eventually sell for. That said, the price has always been the biggest strong points of Xiaomi and has made it big thanks to an ultra-competitive pricing strategy.

A price of around $150 will make the smartwatch quite lucrative considering that many of the fitness bands currently sell at around the same price range. For reference, the FitBit Blaze is priced around $180 while the Microsoft Band 2 starts at $175.

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While it’s true all of it will boil down to how much bang the device will pack in, Xiaomi’s usual policy of making its offerings feature packed while still keeping the price low has already won its accolades worldwide.

However, there is not much that we know of the device as yet though a leaked rendering of the smartwatch showed it sporting a round design much like the Moto 360. That said, it will be interesting to see if the Xiaomi offering will be devoid of the flat tyre design that turned out to be both the biggest distinguishing feature of the Moto 360 as well as its biggest ridicule too.

As for its availability, word on the street is that Xiaomi could be planning for a debut sometime in September. That makes sense considering there is also the IFA event scheduled at around the same time. Samsung too is expected to launch its latest Galaxy Gear 3 smartwatch during the same event.

As for its competition, while Xiaomi will no doubt play the price card to the hilt to ensure its smartwatch has the maximum possible audience to start with, there already is competition looming from the likes of the Ticwatch 2 from Chinese startup Mobvoi. And least surprisingly, the biggest plus with the Ticwatch 2 is its price which stands at just $99, making it among the cheapest smartwatch currently available.

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