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Best Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance, Idea 4G data plans in Delhi

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4G is a reality. The future is going to be 4G with several companies throwing up exciting 4G packages. This means you can experience super-fast internet connectivity directly on your mobile. You will be able to browse the internet fast as the browsing speed will be phenomenal with various 4G packages offered by service providers.

However, with an array of service providers offering 4G, it is difficult to choose a suitable mobile package for your requirements. New Delhi is a place where launch events of big companies are held regularly. Without a viable 4G network, it is impossible to conduct such events. In this article, we will analyze the 4G offerings of various service providers in detail.

Vodafone 4G Data Offers

Vodafone offers both monthly regular and RED individual plans. The 5GB 4G/3G package costs Rs. 850 per month. You can browse the web and perform any normal activity up to 5GB without any additional fees.


Once your exhaust all the 5GB, you can buy add-ons at Rs. 450 for 2GB, Rs. 250 for 1GB and 300MB at Rs. 100. You can also buy 4GB and 3GB 4G mobile packages for Rs. 750 and Rs. 650 respectively.

Vodafone also offers one-time booster packages starting at Rs. 450 for 2GB. You can also buy 1GB and 300MB packages for Rs. 250 and Rs. 100 respectively.

Airtel 4G Data Offers

Airtel offers 4G data under 3G prices starting at Rs. 101 for 1 GB of 4G data. Below are the latest prepaid rates (Delhi region) obtained from the official website of Airtel as of August 1. The numbers given on the braces indicate the validity time in days.

Prepaid rates

1GB – Rs. 101 (2)
1GB = Rs. 259 (28)
1.25GB = Rs. 299 (28)
1.3GB = Rs. 309 (21)
1.75GB = Rs. 398 (28)
4GB = Rs. 755 (21)
5GB = Rs. 855 (21)
6GB = Rs. 955 (21)

Airtel also offers a wide range of Postpaid plan starting from Rs. 150 for 500MB up to Rs. 2000 for 20GB.

500MB = Rs. 150
1GB = Rs. 250
3GB = Rs. 450
5GB = Rs. 650
7GB = Rs. 850
10GB = Rs. 1000
15GB = Rs. 1500
20GB = Rs. 2000

Airtel also offers a wide range of Infinity 4G plans starting at Rs. 949 (postpaid) for 1GB consumption. The company offers three 1GB packages with various value added services such as access to music, movies, local calls from and to Airtel, roaming, and STD. The prepaid 4G packages of Airtel start at Rs. 1098 for 3GB. However, you can opt for 5GB and 7GB at Rs. 1749 and Rs. 2249 respectively.

Reliance 4G Data Offers

Reliance offers 1GB (Postpaid) of 4G data at Rs. 300. You need to pay Rs. 500, Rs. 700, Rs. 1100, Rs. 1450, Rs. 1850for 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, 7GB, and 10GB. If you would like to try 4G services then you can opt for 200MB package for Rs. 91, which will be valid for 7 days. There are several packages available in the prepaid category.

Reliance Jio 4G Data Offers

Reliance Jio will also launch in August, which offers exclusive 4G packages. The service is currently under closed testing among Reliance employees.

Tata Docomo 4G Data Offers

Tata Docomo only offers CDMA services in Delhi. They are yet to start GSM services.

Idea Cellular 4G Data Offers

Idea Cellular also doesn’t offer 4G data services in Delhi.

Aircel 4G Data Offers

We also verified the official website of Aircel and unable to find any 4G packages.


We recommend Vodafone 4G because the company has an excellent infrastructure in place. Moreover, their rates are very competitive. You can buy 5GB of 4G package for Rs. 850. If you look at Airtel, they offer only 1GB package at Rs. 649.

With 5GB of 4G bandwidth, you can even interact with your friends and relatives via Google Hangouts. In the case of Reliance, the company offers several plans, which looks confusing. Vodafone also enables you to extend the 4G by adding add-ons at affordable rates.

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