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Types of Modern Attendance Systems: Here are Your Choices

Gone are the older days of employees filling out a paper timesheet or punching a traditional time clock for their daily work hours. Like other HR functions, the process of monitoring the attendance of employees has gone digital. Today’s technologically advanced time and attendance systems provide businesses with everything they require to track and monitor all aspects of their employees’ time at work.

These attendance systems have the capabilities to record when employees start and end their day, track their weekly schedules, and provide an efficient portal to manage Out-duty, comp-offs, and leave requests. The best part about such attendance systems is that they can be seamlessly integrated with the already existing HRMS (human resource management systems) of organizations.

So, let’s take a look at some of the modern attendance systems and their underlying features:

  • Time Card

It is a high-tech version of the old mechanical punch clock, and employees are issued a card that they have to swipe on a machine for attendance. The data from the device is transferred to a computer, thus eliminating manual paperwork.

However, this still has one flaw just like the punch clock – it easily allows ‘buddy punching’. The time card is one of the least expensive modern attendance systems present, which has made it quite prevalent.

  • RFID Attendance System

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one of the more popular attendance systems today. This system uniquely identifies each person based on the RFID tag present in their ID card. Employees have to place the card in front of the reader, and the attendance is taken. However, even this system allows buddy punching, which is a major problem for organizations as it has a direct impact on productivity.

  • Biometric

Biometric attendance systems are on the expensive side, but they prevent buddy punching. It is because each employees’ fingerprint, handprint, or eye must be scanned to record attendance. However, offices have been advised to suspend the use of such a biometric attendance system given the contagious coronavirus outbreak. The virus can spread via contact with contaminated surfaces according to doctors. Usually, biometric attendance systems require that the individual place their finger on the common fingerprint scanning area.

  • Web-Based Login Stations

It is best suited for situations wherein the employees work remotely or from home. When the employees log-in onto their laptops, a static IP address gets triggered, thus providing a digital punch-in. For field workers, there are several time clock apps that can capture the GPS location of employees when they clock in/out so employers can verify if they were at the correct location.

  • Touchless Face Attendance System

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an urgent requirement for touchless attendance systems. It has resulted in a break-through innovation of the touchless facial recognition-based attendance system. Such a system makes use of AI-based computer vision to recognize employees’ faces and then match it against the employee’s facial profile stored onto the device. On successful matching, attendance gets successfully marked and the recognition logs are sent to a secure cloud application that also stores all the employee master data & photos. The employees’ attendance details are sent to the cloud app in real-time via 4G, Wi-Fi, or LAN connectivity (with optional accessory).

Next-generation facial recognition-based attendance systems like KENT CamAttendance can be deployed across different sites and premises as well. Also, all the attendance devices can be controlled centrally via the cloud app. This attendance system also has other in-built features like leave management, shifts and rosters, and detailed time and attendance functionalities.

Opt for the Innovative Facial Recognition Attendance System

If you are running your own business and are interested in installing a state-0f-art and innovative attendance system, then look no further than KENT CamAttendance. It is a touchless facial recognition system that works in a fraction of a second and provides an accuracy greater than 99.9%. Along with having an innovative in-built algorithm for mask detection, the system even also sends you an alert when attendance gets marked successfully. This attendance system is highly scalable, and each KENT CamAttendance device can be optimized for up to 10,000 employees. The data recorded by the system is secured by industry-standard data encryption, making it extremely secure.

Contact KENT CamAttendance for a free demo and bid goodbye to biometric and RFID attendance systems!

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