Twitter Turns 10 today: Accomplishments and what future holds for the Blue Bird

Today, Twitter completes 10 years of operation with the social networking tool reaching new heights among people all over the world. With hashtags becoming a reality, the ability to search messages from the Big Data of Twitter has been simplified to a great extent.

Launched on March 21, 2006, as a tool for sharing thoughts, Jack Dorsey, co-founder sent out the first tweet with the message “Just setting up my twttr.” followed by the first human-generated tweet which invited the company’s co-workers to sign up for the service.

As per the latest statistics, Twitter, incorporated in April 2007, is sending out 500 million tweets per day, causing an increase of 200 billion tweets per year.

While the total user base of active registered users accounted to 320 million the year ending December 2015, out of which 254 million were outside the United States. Nearly 500 million people use Twitter without logging in and the company has launched a massive plan to fetch more revenues from those anonymous visitors, adds Dorsey.

Meanwhile, one billion people view sites which have embedded tweets, thus further increasing the total reach of the platform.

Even though Twitter was launched in 2006, it gained popularity in India around 2009 when a key Congress politician created a wave of controversies with several messages, which unfortunately was not accepted with good minds by the people.

Among the main stars on Twitter, singer Katy Perry with more than 84 million followers leads the dashboard followed by Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift. The US President Barack Obama, however, hold the fourth spot with 71 million followers.

As far as India is concerned, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has got 18.7 million followers with actor Shah Rukh Khan is in the second spot with 18.5 million followers.

Although Twitter is currently used by journalists, activists and celebrities, the tool can also be used for a wide range of scientific research. By analysing tweet patterns, you will be able to gather insights into political leanings as well as the spread of disease.

Ever since the evolution of Twitter in 2006, a number of tools have been released to manage tweets from the desktop to deal with the growing number of messages overflowing the web-based dashboard.