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Three best ways to track cell phone location by number remotely

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There was a time when to track cell phone location was not possible and there was no way to do it. With the passage of time as technology advances and new inventions occur many software came into the surface that could help people in finding a way to track the cell phone’s location remotely. As the demand was high so there was a huge competition in the field of such inventions but to pick the best tool was a hell of a task as most of the ones available claim to be the finest ones, but in reality, they were nothing more than a scam.

Still, there was some really good software for the purpose but to pick the best one wasn’t easy for a newbie as they don’t have any know-how about such things. In case you are one of those people who need a cell phone tracking tool that could aid you in finding your location by only having your number, then this is the perfect place for you. From here you will be able to find a list of some of the best tools that are being used all over the world and are doing their work amazingly.

Below are some of the tools to track cell phone location by having a cell number remotely:


1. Cocospy

The first one on our list is Cocospy. This is known all over the world as a mobile phone monitoring tool that is utilized by numerous users all over the world. It has many amazing options in case you are up to track cell phone location by number remotely, as it is the most reliable tool out there. Cocospy works in stealth-mode. It has a dynamic web-based interface that allows you to use it in any browser. There is no need to be worried about security as this application is 100% safe. You don’t have to gain access to the device physically if you need to spy on an iOS, but in the case of Android, you are supposed to install this app in the targeted device.

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Apart from tracing someone’s cell phone location, it helps you in doing everything behind the cameras. You don’t have to direct some hard commands to make this tool work for you as it has this built-in system that does all the work professionally and you only have to follow a few instructions to use this tool. You can also track call logs, read the text as well as social media account messages.

By using its incredible feature named geo-fence you can easily track the location of the targeted phone on a map and it also sends you an alert when set boundary crosses. It also has an exceptional keylogger that permits you to find out everything that was being typed on the targeted device; obviously it includes social media account passwords. You can get to know about each and everything related to the device by using Cocospy without any effort.

How to Use Cocospy for Tracking Location Remotely

  • As an initial step just sign up for Cocospy and get a subscription plan that will depend on the targeted device. It can be an iOS or Android. The best thing is that Cocospy works perfectly fine with both.
  • Go for the simple commands that pop up on the screen, as it will take you via the simple course of installation. All these steps can be executed by only pressing a few times.
  • At the end tap the option that says ‘Start’ and you are prepared to monitor the device. You will be taken to your dashboard where you would be able to check the location of the targeted device remotely.

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2. Spyic

If there is any other tool that comes up to the level of perfection of Cocospy then it can only be Spyic. To track someone by cell phone number with the help of Spyic isn’t hard to do. This tool is reliable and millions of customers are using it all around the world. It works in stealth-mode that keeps you safe and secure, so if you are having second through about being caught for spying then forget about it, because this thought is out of the question. You don’t have to gain physical access to the targeted device to use this app because it works secretly on its own.

If the targeted phone is an Android then you have to download and install this app for once but in case you are doing this spying work with an iOS then just iCloud account details are enough. Using its feature called geo-fence you can track the targeted device on a map as here the limits are restricted. Whenever it crosses the set limit you will receive an alert. Apart from all these perks, you can also trace call logs, read text messages and other social media account messages, see pictures and videos that are being shared and received through the targeted phone.

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How to Use Spyic for Tracking Location Remotely

  • In the start go to Spyic main web-page and register an account utilizing an email address and password.
  • From here you will be taken to a page that has some pricing plans, so pick the one that suits your needs.
  • After your chosen plan and paying for it you will get an email that will verify this whole process. The mail has the receipt, log in details, and commands to setup. In case you are tracing an Android, you will also receive a download link.
  • If you are up for tracing an iOS device, you can are supposed to log in to Spyic account and ensure that you have the iCloud details of the phone you need to track.
  • Here for Android, go for the link you got through email so you could install Spyic in the phone you need to monitor and ensure that you pick stealth mode before exiting from the course of installation. At the end of its exit and start tracing your targeted account distantly.
  • In case you are tracking an iPhone then after logging in, confirm the iCloud details. You will see that Spyic’s cloud will sync with the iCloud before showing you the dashboard.
  • The time you reach the control panel you will see some features on the left, so to check the phone’s location; you have to tap on the Location feature.
  • At the end to trace the number you can utilize the SIM Card feature that is at the bottom left after you scroll down. Here tap on it to see the SIM card info and its location. From the right, you can input your email to get signals when it’s altered.

3. Spyier

The last one in our list of apps that could help you in tracing a device without touching it is Spyier. This app is liked by many users because of its dynamic features that allow the whole tracking task easy. This tool is reliable and there is no need to be anxious when it comes to being caught. It also works in stealth-mode that makes it way too secure for us.

There is no need to touch the targeted phone physically in case it is an iOS, but in the case of Android, you have to install this app in the targeted device for once. Apart from tracing location it also helps in exposing pictures, videos, keeps track of call logs, allows you to read text messages and social media account messages and a lot more. You can also check browser history by using this tool and check out the contact names and numbers easily.


Choosing the best app for tracking someone’s device isn’t hard now and we hope that this article would be helpful for you in picking the right tool. Leave all your tensions behind and go for the ones we mentioned as these are some of the best apps available in the market these days. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to direct some hard commands to make this app works for you, so if you are a newbie and want something easy to deal with then this article is just for you to go for. Pick your favorite tool now and don’t waste more of your time in search of the perfect tool, because the ones we mentioned above are the best of the best. Try them out and let us know about your experience.