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Ten Time Saving Tips for Efficient Essay Editing

Writing an essay can be quite difficult for students. However, some find editing far more challenging. Nevertheless, this activity is really worthy of your time and effort.

Editing and proofreading can really make a huge difference in your grade. Double-checking your paper for spelling and grammar issues can save you lots of points. Checking your text for plagiarism helps you make sure it passes Turnitin or any other anti-plagiarism software flawlessly.

If you do not want to waste your time doing essay editing step by step, essay editing service can be of help for you. Yet, if you are interested in completing this procedure without external help, here is a guide on how you can make it effective.

Improve Your Structure

Read your professor’s instructions once again before you get to check your paper. You can find hints on text structure that you hadn’t noticed. If such recommendations are omitted, you should stick to the general academic essay structure.

In this case, your essay should include the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction is the best place to put your thesis statement. Stop on it and improve it while proofreading and editing.

The body should include several paragraphs that are connected with transitions words. Every paragraph should consist of sentences linked by a common theme. Every new idea deserves a new paragraph.

The conclusion is the part where you summarize the main ideas and findings. It should sound like a logical ending for a reader. Also, it should be a response to the thesis statement. You can list a few suggestions for continued research there, too.

Check Readability

It really makes a difference to a reader when your text is easy to read and comprehend. Academic texts can include complex terminology and long sentences, of course. However, if you feel you can split some sentences and make them easier to consume, do it.

You do not have to re-read the whole essay several times to find long sentences. Such apps like Hemingway Editor can help you detect complex structures in just a few clicks. Moreover, this particular website is free of charge for everyone.

Avoid Tautologies and Wrong Connotations

It is critically important to use the right words and word combinations in your text. Thus, avoid those words whose meanings are confusing to you. If you find them necessary, check their meaning using dictionaries. Also, there are synonym finders available for you online. Using such a service like PaperWriter, you can get rid of tautology and repetitions.

Do a Technology-Facilitated Grammar and Spell Check

Correct grammar and spelling are essential for your essay. They are a critical part of your editing process, too. If you still do not have a favorite grammar and spelling software checkers, you can google those available for free. However, we recommend you using advanced tools like Grammarly to minimize the risks of mistakes.

No matter how sophisticated the software is, certain errors are still hard to identify. Allocate a day to re-read the whole essay and check it for typos. This step is never a waste of time.

Cut Vague Sentences

Meeting the specified word count is important for getting a good grade. However, this does not mean you should extend your essay by all means possible. There are several legitimate ways to add words to your essay. They do not include extending sentences by adding extra conjunctions, for example.

Thus, it is important to delete all the unnecessary words while editing. If you spot some outstanding sentences with redundant parts, do your best to improve their quality. Professors do not like to read weak arguments.

Improve Punctuation

Commas, semicolons, and other punctuation marks are important to make your writing consistent and understandable. Sometimes they are quite critical for sending the right message to the reader.

Finding all of the mistakes on your own can be tough. It takes time and effort, as well as requires lots of concentration. Luckily, there are different punctuation checkers available online and for free. It can go through your text in seconds and highlight the parts that may need editing.

However, do not be in a hurry to follow all of the recommendations. Sometimes the software fails to comprehend the idea you try to express. Thus, pay attention to every suggestion but be critical.

Be Aware of Academic Writing Rules

Academic writing has its own rules and standards. One of them is to avoid emotional language. For example, it is highly unrecommended to use exclamation marks or ellipsis in your writing. If you have such sentences, try to paraphrase them.

Also, do not use quotation marks for word combinations that are not direct quotes. Do not use them for puns and other figures of speech. Be serious in your writing, and make sure it differs from your every-day language.

Check Your Formatting

Academic papers should comply with certain formatting standards defined by the chosen referencing style. Such rules include margins, spacing, font and size, etc. Be sure you have read all those specifications and edited your paper accordingly before you submit it. Those things are taken very seriously by the professors.

Reference All Quotes

Referencing all external sources used in the text will save you from being suspected of plagiarism. Yet, it should be done correctly to pass all plagiarism checkers.

Obviously, creating references for every book and journal article can be quite daunting and tedious. To save time and make the process easier, you can use citation generators available online free of charge.

Conduct Plagiarism Check

This step is of fundamental importance for the entire proofreading and editing process. It should end your work on the text. It is quite hard to spot plagiarized words and sentences. Sometimes, those words you choose to tell your opinion can coincide with the ideas already expressed by others.

Therefore, do not ignore automated plagiarism checkers online. When a detector finds suspicious parts, do not hesitate to paraphrase them or add an in-text quote from the suggested resource. It will ensure your essay passes more advanced checkers that professors use.

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