AIEK X8 Card Phone Review: Tiny Substitute of a Feature Phone

If you have more than one SIM cards and carrying two smartphones feels like a burden? Then you need a card mobile phone. It is a small portable phone which is small like a credit card and works just like a feature phone. The one we have here is the AIEK X8 Card Mobile Phone which is a tiny feature phone with most of the features you need in a feature phone except for the camera. The AIEK X8 is available to buy from the online store, Banggood at a price tag of Rs. 988.

AIEK X8 comes in a small box with a charging cable, SIM tray ejector tool (not for ejecting SIM card tray), instruction manual and the warranty card. The phone is tiny, thin and lightweight. It is almost the size of a credit card and as slim as 5.8 mm. It has a 0.96-inch color TFT display with 128 X 68 resolution. All the keys; navigation keys, numeric keys and option keys are flat and have a very clicky feedback to them.

The back of the phone has a sliding door to reveal the SIM card slot and the TF card slot. It also has a camera like a module which is actually “not” a camera; it is only the part of the iPhone 7 Plus design. The left and right side of the phone are empty, the top side has an LED torch, and bottom side has the charging port and a small switch. This switch is the master on/off switch which can be toggled using the SIM card ejector came inside the box.


The phone is made out of plastic all over but has a very sturdy finish, and because it is very lightweight, the phone can undergo drops. The back of the phone has a sliding door which can be opened, and you can easily put a micro SIM and a TF card. The phone can save 500 contacts in it which is more than enough for a regular usage. Listening to music is also an option, you can insert a microSD card slot in it, and you need a micro USB to 3.5 mm dongle for connecting a wired earphones. Or you can connect the phone to your wireless Bluetooth headphones or earphones.

The phone has a loudspeaker with very loud sound, sound quality can be a problem, but the volume is very high. The battery backup is also significant because all you have to do is calling on this phone so that it can give you approximately two days of battery backup. The call quality is also excellent; The AIEK X8 card phone is a worthy replacement for a significant and bulky feature phone or smartphone.

You can even give these phones to your kids so that they can stay connected to you every time. The AIEK X8 comes in Black, White and Gold color, the gold color is the one which looks exactly like a little twin of the iPhone 7 Plus.