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BlitzWolf BS-F3 Bluetooth Speaker review

The famous audio brand, BlitzWolf has recently announced a portable Bluetooth speaker BS-F3 in the Indian market. The speaker posses water, dust, and shockproof capabilities and packs with two 5 Watts speakers that offers 4 ohms of impedance. So, here is the review of the device.


The BlitzWolf BS-F3 portable speaker comes in a flimsy cardboard packaging. The box also includes a user manual, USB charging cable, and 3.5mm Aux audio cable. The overall presentation/packaging is mediocre, and it does justify its price point.


The BlitzWolf BS-F3 adheres a rugged and robust design. The speaker comes with IPX 5 certification for its water and dust resistance capabilities. The speaker posses overall length at 188mm, While its width and height are measured at 78mm and 50mm respectively. The top of the speaker contains four manual control button, i.e., Volume up, Volume down, Power, and play and pause.

The left side of the speaker is equipped with a 3.5mm audio-in jack and USB port. The bottom of the speaker contains a screwed hole at the center to connect it to a tripod. The weight of speaker is 425 grams and most of its outer shell made from ABS+TPU. The overall aesthetic of speaker feels to be durable.


The BlitzWolf BS-F3 speaker delivers goods soundstage in the vocal-based music genre. However, when moved to bass-heavy tracks, the speakers provide mediocre sound quality with a subpar bass response. The overall output seems to be low and its sound quality muffled at its high volume. However, its 50mm dual speaker driver unit able to deliver crisp mids and highs even at high volume which is great. But in lows, it’s just falling apart.

All in all, the BS-F3 offers low-quality sound output as compared to the rivals like Sony. The speaker is backed by a 2000mAh battery which provides playing time in the range 5 to 6 hours and takes about 3 hours to charge fully.


The BF-F3 is featured with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility which offers transmission distance up to 10m.  The speakers adhere two 5W speakers which provide the frequency range of 160Hz-20KHz with a signal to noise ratio higher than 75dB.  The manual button at the top of the speaker allows us answer/end the call with play/pause feature. Moreover, the top front of the speaker is packed with LED indicator.


  • Durable and robust.
  • IPX 5 certified.
  • Delivers decent mids and highs.


  • Subpar bass offering.
  • Low overall output.


The BlitzWolf BS-F3 is currently available on Banggod with a price tag of Rs. 1999. The price seems to be a little more if you prefer brand name rather than functionality. But if you want a Bluetooth speaker with the waterproof design and robust build in less money then go for the Blitzwolf  BS-F3.