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Samsung Enhances Galaxy A51 Experience with One UI 5.1.1 Update

Samsung has recently unveiled the One UI 5.1.1 update for its Galaxy A51 model, aiming to refine the user experience further. This update follows the company’s tradition of providing significant software updates to its devices, ensuring they remain up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.

Key Highlights:

  • One UI 5.1.1 rolled out for Galaxy A51, bringing minor tweaks for better usability.
  • The update includes the October 2023 security patch.
  • Available for download in the US and parts of Europe over the air or via a Windows PC.
  • Verizon locked models also receiving the update with specific One UI build version.
  • Mainly targeting big-screen device optimizations, although the A51 receives fewer features due to its standard screen size.

One UI 5.1 1

The Samsung Galaxy A51, known for its competitive price-to-specs ratio, has been one of the recipients of Samsung’s three major OS upgrades policy, with the last major upgrade being Android 13 earlier this year​. However, post this policy, the A51 was only eligible for bi-annual security updates. This new rollout, therefore, comes as a pleasant surprise for the A51 users. The update, apart from bringing in One UI 5.1.1, also includes the October 2023 security patch, enhancing the device’s security framework​​.

The One UI 5.1.1 update, already available for Galaxy A51 5G models, has now been extended to 4G users in the US, especially those with locked models on the Verizon network. The update can be identified through the One UI build version A515USQUBFWI2​.

Although designed to optimize the user experience on devices with larger or flexible displays, the Galaxy A51 4G users can now enjoy some of these enhancements with the One UI 5.1.1 update. The main aim is to provide a more streamlined user interface and improved feature accessibility, especially on big-screen devices​​.

Update Details:

According to the details provided by Verizon and echoed by other tech reports, post the update, the Call Background menu will move to Contact Details within the Phone/Contacts apps. Moreover, sharing an image in the Samsung Messages app will now display conversations and contact tabs at the top for quick and easy access​.

Users can download this update over the air from the phone’s Settings > Software update menu or install it on the phone using a Windows PC with the available firmware files​​.

The rollout of One UI 5.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy A51 signifies Samsung’s ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience across its device range. The update, although minor, brings usability tweaks making the device more user-friendly. The inclusion of the October 2023 security patch also underscores the importance Samsung places on device security.