What its competitors like Airtel took more than a decade to complete, Reliance Jio accomplished it in 83 days. Jio crossed the 50 million subscriber mark in less than 83 days, something which Bharti Airtel took 12 years and Idea Cellular 13 years to achieve. This translates roughly into 6 lakh customers per day or 1000 customers per minute. Of course, the phenomenal growth is because of no rental charges till December 31. Reliance launched its commercial services from 5 September.

The Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Jio has crossed 50 million subscribers mark in less than three months. After launching its 4G services, it has become the largest broadband operator company in the country. It has also become the quickest growing telecom company in the world. Reliance Jio is entering quite late in the market which has become much more mature with big players like Idea, Vodafone and Airtel in the market for quite some time now.

There was much skepticism when Jio entered the market, and it started a vicious tariff war with other service providers also slashing their tariff to remain in the competition. However, Jio is giving a welcome offer with no monthly rentals and free usage. This made it possible to notch over 16 million users within the first month of its operation.

The subscriber base has already reached a fifth of the subscription of the largest telecom operator Airtel which has 262.67 million in its kitty while Vodafone follows with 201.90 million subscribers and Idea Cellular 180.25 million users. Reliance Jio has the highest mobile broadband users surpassing Airtel’s 41 million 3G and 4G customers combined acquired over last six years.

The Jio blitzkrieg has never been seen anywhere in the world including the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype. The customer base of Jio is now five times Airtel and 17 times that of Idea. Reliance Jio is aiming for higher targets, and it is no wonder if it completes 100 million subscribers.