OnePlus offering discounts on devices and accessories to students and teachers in India

OnePlus built its fortune by offering flagship quality products but at mid-range prices. That is one reason the company is seldom seen offering huge discounts or other freebies, which the company justifies claiming they are already spot on with their affordable pricing.

Nonetheless, the company announced it is doling out discounts to students and teachers in India on several of its products and accessories. The benefits include an instant discount of Rs. 1000 when you purchase the OnePlus TV or OnePlus smartphone. Plus, there is a 5 percent discount available on any OnePlus accessories that the students and teachers can avail of.

The company said this forms part of its OnePlus Education Benefits program. However, not all students and teachers are included within its ambit. Rather, this offer is only applicable to those who are studying via Student Beans. That way, OnePlus said they are still able to reach out to 760 universities and 38,498 colleges throughout India.

Partnering with Student Beans helps in verifying the student’s credentials. Upon successful verification, an account will be created for the particular student. Also, there is going to be a coupon voucher that the account will come attached with. The students will have to use this coupon to avail of the discount during checkout. Only one user associated with the OnePlus account can get the offer, which again is applicable only once a year.

The company though hasn’t stated if a similar offer will be made available to students and teachers across the globe or if it is going to be restricted to India only. Or maybe the above is only a marketing ploy to remain accessible to the student community in the country following the apathy that people in India have developed for anything that of Chinese origin post the border skirmishes in Ladakh.

Meanwhile, Apple too has made a huge splash in the Indian market post the launch of its first official online store in the country. What followed has been one of the biggest quarterly sales the company has ever achieved in the country. That is another reason OnePlus was reduced to being relegated to the side lines during the festive period.

Maybe the Chinese company is hoping to claw its way back to the top of the flagship smartphone segment on the back of these discounts.