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OnePlus 5 latest images suggest specs like dual camera & summer release date

OnePlus5 is currently the most talked about upcoming smartphone. It is due to be released this summer. However, the rumors keep coming in.

Earlier this week, some renders showed a prototype design. It is not clear if the design is final. Only the back of the handset is visible showing the antennas at the top and bottom, along with the dual-camera and flash just above the logo.

Latest rumours also give an upsetting idea about the price. The device could cost up to $650. Its closest competitor Samsung Galaxy S8 costs $720. If the price is kept such, it will be interesting to see if the market puts the ‘flagship killer’ on the same pedestal as it did at lower prices.

The OnePlus 5 is said to use expensive components, justifying the price. However it will lack one important feature that sets the Galaxy S8 apart from the crowd: the edge-to-edge Infinity Display.

News from China

Earlier this week, Chinese website Weibo has also had some renders released, and the images look nothing like the previously released ones.

Unlike the previous images, the camera is placed on the top left corner at the back. It also appears that the camera is dual lens. There have been contradicting rumours about the camera, but one thing about them has been unanimous- it is that the phone will feature a dual-camera at the back.

This leak made the smartphone look awfully similar to the iPhone.

Moving on to the most recent renders from Weibo, one can see that the antennas have been removed, and the dual-camera is back to its original position.

However, that is not the most shocking revelation. The bottom image shows that there is no headphone jack.

image source: Weibo

The iPhone had received a lot of critical attention from the market and media after it decided to get rid of the jack. This was mostly the result of its very expensive AirPods. Android brands such as Motorola have also adopted the design, but it will be interesting to watch what OnePlus does with it.


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