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NASA facing shortage of Spacewalking suits for Astronauts due to lack of funds

A recent news reporting revealed that there is currently a shortage of the NASA spacewalking suits. The discouraging thing about the whole issue lies in the fact that despite the large chunks of money directed to new technology, the replacement remains years away. According to the agency’s inspector general, about $200 million has been redirected in technology and better results were expected.

A number of top analysts have come forward citing the great need for the establishment of a next-generation suit for spacewalking astronauts since it is quite obvious that we may be needing some others to make a space trip in future.

The targeted planet at this particular moment is Mars and it is for the obvious reason that it has showcased a great potential to support life. This possibility is being explored in a great way and what the future holds is something we just have to wait and see!

In any given plan, it is quite normal that challenges crop up. In this particular scenario, there is seemingly some lack of a formal plan and destinations as well that are for sure negatively impacting the development of the suits and that is according to a trusted report.

Still, in the same wake, NASA is believed to be closely looking into a huge array of the design as well as the associated health risks that go with spacewalking suits that the different astronauts need to use. There are about 3,400 minor issues with the spacewalking suits, in orbit and ground testing since they were first developed back in the 1970s as was clearly outlined in a report.

According to some top NASA officials, the next NASA spacewalk is set to take place on May 12. A lot of speculations have come up in regards to what needs to be done. In a flashback, one would remember that in the past, more than 200 spacewalks, astronauts had to come head-on with some 27 “significant incidents” with the suits and this is for sure a cause for alarm.

Among the very serious consequences was the near drowning of an Italian astronaut in 2013. Water from his cooling system had risen up flooding his helmet and that was pretty dangerous. Glove damage and stinging eyes are among the others and thus better strategizing needs to be established to ensure that safety of the spacemen.

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