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Must have Retro Gadgets are back in 2017

Atari 2600 is the gadget that everyone must have! The gadget is packed with nostalgic and interesting games that will give enthusiasts a chance to relieve the video games golden age anywhere they go.

Atari background

Most people play video games these days and Atari has done a lot to make that possible.

The 1st video game gadget was developed by Magnavox Odyssey, however; Atari is the one that made video games popular. They first came to the video game market in 1975 when they produced an electronic table tennis game known as “pong”.

The real Atari game changer came after two years. This was when Atari 2600 video game system was created. It had quality games, beautiful graphics, and sharper sound compared to the previous systems.

The best thing about Atari 2600 is that players were able to change games by inserting new cartridges. Children fought in Combat, rescued the planet in Space Invaders, defeated ghosts in Pac-Man and enjoyed Frogger. People in the United States were within no time spending a lot of money each year on Atari 2600.

Since computer technology grows rapidly, video game gadgets have a short lifespan. However, Atari 2600 has surprisingly stayed for long. Its popularity, affordability and having so many software titles are what has kept it in production for many years.

Atari Retro Console

This is a highly iconic video game console that is coming back to a handheld console. It is also coming with creative plug and play TV joystick.

The console possesses the immortalized wood effect and it also has classic built-in games. The games include some of the best games that you can find at best online casino UK. They are:

  • Pong
  • Millipede
  • Breakout
  • Asteroids
  • Missile Command
  • Demons and Diamonds
  • Home Run

Handheld console

Atari Retro also has a 2.4 in screen and it includes A/V output with an HDMI adapter. It also has highly responsive buttons with a classy analogue control stick.

The design of the plug and play TV joystick is progressive. It includes an arcade-style button at the controller top and it connects to the TV with the added A/V cable or with an HDMI that has an adapter. It will also have fifty built-in games just as the handheld gadget.

TV plug and play joystick

It is licensed by Atari and it is being created by PQube (a distinguished distributor of Europe retro games hardware).

PQube CEO said that they are happy to work with Atari on this wonderful project. They have sold more than one million retro game consoles and they have collected detailed feedback from the customers, retail, and the press to come up with a new variety of hardware that matches the Atari brand.

The CEO of Atari also said that they are happy to partner with PQube on this project.

The console will be sold at 34.99 pounds and the TV plug and play joystick will go for 24.99 pounds.


Atari has made video games a must to play daily. More games that will be available on the console include 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, Air-Sea battle, Crystal Castles, Maze Craze, Double Dunk, Adventure, Breakout, Bowling, Canyon Bomber and much more.

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