Motorola India has lately been bolstering its Moto X range in the country. The company launched the Moto X Play and Moto X Style within a one month period. Despite the fact that both smartphones are part of the company’s flagship Moto X range, there are noticeable differences among the two when it comes hardware and features.

While the Moto X Play is more of a budget handset, the Moto X Style is a top-of-the-line offering with flagship-grade specs. But what are the key differences between the two? Let’s see how the Moto X Play stacks against its flagship counterpart the Moto X Style.

Moto X Style vs Moto X Play: Display


To kick things off, the major noticeable difference between the two is the screen size. While the Moto X Play features a 5.5-inch display, the Moto X Style gets a larger 5.7-inch TFT LCD display. In terms of screen resolution, the Moto X Play sports a Full HD display with a 1920×1080 pixel resolution, while the Moto X Style gets a QuadHD display with a 2560×1440 pixel resolution. That said, both devices get Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Moto X Style vs Moto X Play: Design

As the name suggests, the Moto X Style gets a more premium look and feel and feels more elegant compared to the Moto X Play. In addition, the Moto X Style gets IP52 certification making it dust and water resistant. While the Moto X Play only gets a water repellent coating.

That said, both smartphones offer a plethora of customisation options such as color and flip shells. The Moto X Style gets more premium customisation options which include Saffiano leather and real wooden textures.

Moto X Style vs Moto X Play: Processor, RAM, and Storage

Under the hood, the Moto X Play gets powered by a Snapdragon 615 processor bundled with Adreno GPU and 2GB of RAM. The Moto X Style, on the other hand, features Snapdragon 808 processor bundled with Adreno 418 GPU and 3GB of RAM.

As far as storage goes, the Moto X Play is available in either 16GB or 32GB storage. While the Moto X Style is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage options. Both devices get an expandable microSD slot.

Moto X Style vs Moto X Play: Camera



Both devices get a 21MP rear camera along with a 5MP front-facing shooter. That said, there are substantial differences between the two. For instance, the Moto X Style is capable of 4K video recording at 30fps, while the Moto X Play only supports Full HD video recording at 30fps. Besides, the Moto X Style also comes offers a wide-angles lens for that perfect selfies. While the Moto X Play front facing shooter does not offer wide-angle lens.

Moto X Style vs Moto X Play: Battery

Juicing up the Moto X Play is a 3630 mAh non-removable battery. On the other hand, despite having a QHD display, the Moto X Style surprisingly just gets a 3000mAh non-removable battery. However, the Moto X Style gets Turbo Charging capabilities while the Moto X Play does not.

Moto X Style vs Moto X Play: Price

The Moto X Style was launched in India starting at Rs 29,999 for the 16GB model. On the hand, the Moto X Play was launched in the country at Rs. 18,499 for the 16GB variant.


Going by the specs, the Moto X Style has an edge over the Moto X Play. It has a superior QHD resolution, a more advanced processor, and GPU, along with more RAM onboard. Moreover, the Moto X Style’s camera has the ability to record 4K videos while its front facing camera also has a wide angle lens

That said, Moto X Style also gets a much higher price tag, almost 50 percent more than the Moto X Play. Despite the key differences, both are solid handsets in their way. Which one do you think is better?