Microsoft’s Skype chatbots add group chat feature and more to take on Google, Facebook


Microsoft has announced fresh features for the new Skype Bot Platform. Skype Bot will now come with visual cards, group chat functionality, natural language detection and third-party service sign-in.

The company is dynamically developing its chatbot and have declared that the Skype bot developer tools and Microsoft Bot Framework have been integrated into the single Microsoft Bot Framework V3.

Since, the announcement of Skype Bot Platform in March, Microsoft claims that more than 30,000 developers have started working on it. This update will enable developers to build funny and effective bots for group conversations, which can actively take part in the group discussions.

Now, developers can also create fascinating visual cards for captivating interaction between a user and bot using carousels, images, and receipts. Partnering with Bing, Skype Bots are also learning to understand colloquial language with the help of Bing Entity and Intent Detection.

Developers will now be able to integrate third-party services into Skype Bots. A user can get access to the service just by signing in with valid credentials directly on a card and they will be able to use the service seamlessly without any restriction.

The developers were updated instantly with the latest version of the Microsoft Bot Framework having access to the brand new features. While the developers create upgraded bots taking advantage of the new features, they can only push the update after the Skype applications are updated to support the revamped features.

Recently, Facebook updated its Messenger bots enabling user ratings for bots, similar to various app stores. Facebook also introduced “Quick Replies” to instantly respond to messages.

Social Media companies are aggressively competing to develop better and better bots. Google, Facebook, Telegram, Slack and many others are all in the race to develop the best bot in the market.

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