Microsoft Cortana, a better substitute for Google personal Assistant

Microsoft temporarily disables 'Hey Cortana' on Android

With its latest update, Microsoft Cortana can easily replace the Google, voice assistant. This time Cortana is much more refined and loaded with features. The app is still under development, and only unreleased version is available on Play Store.
Google voice assistant is widely used on Android platform. Whereas, Microsoft Cortana seems to be highly interactive and much more synchronized with Android devices right now. Cortana updated version comes with following features:

Cortana updated version comes with following features:

  • Tabbed UI look; Task view tab, Proactive canvas tab, and Reminders tab.
  • Calendar integration.
  • Lock screen interface.
  • Lists and remember functionality.

Cortana has remarkable PC and Smartphone integration; now user can set a reminder on PC and get notified on the smartphone and vice versa. It allows users to track down flights reservation, train reservation, mobile bills and stocks information, etc.

Cortana lets users view, edit and manage their interest through its Notebook feature. Setting up the app is quite easy on the Android device. After installing it from Play store, users can login with their phone number, Email, and Skype id, after that user can set lock screen support, Themes and Cortana as a default assistant, though it can also be done through system settings too.

Cortana UI is relatively simple, on the Home screen there is Theme changing option and user profile setting. Just below that, there are three tabs regarding, Real-time news feed, Task view tab, and Remainder tab. On the lower end of the screen, users find a menu tab and voice assistant command tab.

As I said, Microsoft has done a remarkable job in updating the Cortana; she learned some new tricks. Functionality aspect has been bumped up to give seamless voice assistant experience. Cortana seems to be a better contender and substitute for Google voice assistant right now.

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