Instagram Stories is originally Snapchat’s signature feature

Facebook has integrated the Stories feature for Instagram reportedly borrowed from Snapchat in a bid to target the rival over a failed $3 billion takeover attempt. If you had worked with Snapchat, you would have come across the Stories feature, which was not only popular but also exclusive to the messaging tool.

Facebook has announced the Stories feature which will have the same name as its rival Snapchat. However, this is seen as an attempt by Instagram to make its arch rival less unique.

Instagram Stories Feature: How does it work?

With Instagram “Stories”, you will be able to create a set of moments that will automatically appear in a slideshow format. The content inside stories can be viewed by all your followers for up to 24 hours. It will not be visible after a specific period of time and will not remain on your permanent profile.

According to industry analysts, the working of the feature is similar to that of Snapchat. It remains to be seen as to how Snapchat responds to the way by which Facebook has copied the feature.

In addition to the new feature, Instagram is also providing you with the ability to natively add content, stickers, and drawings to your images in your story.

Instagram feature Availability

You will be able to view stories from people you follow inside a bar located at the top of the feed. It could be either from your friends or any popular accounts. If there is any new content, the profile photo will be decorated with a colorful ring around the content.

The Instagram Stories features works differently that the regular posts because users will not be able to either like or post comments.

The new feature will be rolled out in phases globally for both iOS and Android. Depending upon your location, it will take few days for the new feature to reflect into your app.

Facebook once had a love with Snapchat when it reportedly attempted to buy it for $3 billion. However, the management turned down the offer. We expect that Facebook is trying to copy the features to show their anger towards the rejection of acquisition proposal.

In the meantime, Facebook had revealed that users will be able to go live through the face-swapping MSQRD app. From the app, users can make use of the various Snapchat masks and filters while the video is running.

In March 2016, Facebook acquired Masquerade, the Belarusian-based start-up who is behind the development of MSQRD app. The main intention behind the merger is to enhance the Facebook video experience.

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