Instagram might soon allow users to manage and switch between multiple accounts

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that allows users to switch between multiple accounts on its iOS app. However, few users have already started to work with the new feature on Thursday after the latest update was out to few select users.

The company did not reveal how many iOS users will be able to switch accounts or when the account-switching feature will be publicly available for all users.

With the ability to integrate multiple accounts by selecting Add Account option in the app’s settings, you will be able to switch different accounts by selecting it from a new menu at the top of your profile page. Moreover, if you get a push notification, and will be able to see from which Instagram account it has originated.

Created with the sole purpose to maintain one Instagram identity, the need for multiple accounts has increased because of the rapid popularity of the photo-sharing app.

With more people signing up with Instagram, the company decided to provide support for multiple accounts since it will be useful for people to create accounts for not only for both personal and official purpose but also easier to manage from a single app dashboard.

In November 2015, Instagram had tested this feature for Android platform.

An official spokesperson of Instagram announced that the company is committed to addressing the demand for teenagers since they would like to maintain one public version of the account and a secondary private account to communicate with either their families or friends.

While Instagram support for multiple accounts is just a test, it will surely unleash simplified communication experience for users who have put their trust for the popular mobile messaging app.

As of this writing, we don’t have any concrete information about when the multiple accounts feature will be publicly available but we expect it to be added soon before Q2 2016.