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How to see who views the TikTok profile

Why would you want to find out who views your profile on TikTok? There is the first level of curiosity, of course, but also of personal satisfaction. Without having a conversion in terms of followers, you could still realize that many people have come into contact with your content.

You could find out the names of potential fans, especially if you have seen videos very similar to yours published by other people. If they come to visit your profile often, in fact, you might think that they are copying from what you upload on social media. Let’s have a look at how to see who views the TikTok profile.

Control the views of the TikTok profile

How did the notification of views work? It was enough to open TikTok and touch the icon with the word “Coming soon” (bottom right). In the notification center, a warning appeared every time a user connected to their wall. Selecting it, it would open the list of all the people, followers or not, who had happened on the main page of the account (similar to LinkedIn).

At the time of writing, however, the only thing you can know is the number of times the profile has been viewed, but in a completely generic way. To do this, you must first switch to the TikTok Pro account, following the instructions that are given to you by tapping Privacy > Account settings > go to account pro. Once this is done, always in the Settings and Privacy section, choose the Analytics option. Here, move to the Overview section to check the TikTok profile views related to the last week or the last 28 days.

Considerations on the use of bots that monitor TikTok profiles

To increase the profile and content views, you may think of resorting to a bot, looking for dedicated sites, connecting your TikTok account, and specifying which goals you want to achieve, for example, more comments, like or follow. We advise that you should not use these tricks: it is always better to reach followers and increase interactions with creativity and originality; Additionally, TikTok may ban you from using bots. That’s why buy TikTok followers is a safe option to increase more views and followers.

Other ways

Finally, there are alternative methods to try to control profiles and post views. Here are some of them.

Join the profile with other social networks

TikTok allows you to add your Instagram account or YouTube channel to your profile by clicking on the “Edit profile” button and making the respective access to social networks. If you decide to combine your TikTok profile with the Instagram profile, you will get some benefits. For example, the video you upload will also be automatically shared on the photo social media, which allows you to control who has viewed it (in certain cases); also, keep in mind that IG’s statistics are more specific.

Publish the TikTok video in the IG stories

TikTok also allows you to publish any video on the platform, both yours and those of others (obviously paying attention to copyright), in your Instagram Stories. To do this, just choose the Share button (arrow icon facing right) and choose the Stories option.

In this way, by checking the order of the visualizations of the Instagram story, you can find out the names of the users who recreate it. These views are added to those that were recorded by the TikTok video player.

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