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How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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In this detailed article we are going to discuss about how to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and gain full root access of the device. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is in the market for quite a time now and is among the list of best Android smartphones available in the market right now. The Galaxy Note 4 is technically a powerhouse of features, but manufacturer restriction always restrict users to do certain things with the devices. But to bypass those restrictions, one can root its Android device and gain full access to all the resources.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a 5.7-inch display screen. It is powered with a 2.7GHz Quad Core processor and 3GB RAM. Rooting gives you access of root directories of the devices and allows you to pretty much do anything with the device.

It is quite easy to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Simply follow the step by step guide given below which will help you to get root access of the smartphone.

NOTE: Rooting a device can void its Warranty. Please consult before moving ahead.

Pre Requisites

Before we share the rooting guide with you, make sure you have fulfilled all the things mentioned below.

a) Your device should have more than 80% of charge left in it.

b) Create backup of all the contents of your Galaxy Note 4 smartphone as you might even lose data after rooting.

c) USB debugging should be enabled on your Galaxy Note 4. To enable USB debugging, you need to have developer rights first. Go to Settings > About Phone. You will find Build number there. Tap the build number around 8 times and you will get developer access. Once you are having developer access, open Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging.

d) Install Samsung Kies on your PC so that the drivers of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be easily installed on your PC.


  • Download rooting package from this link.
  • Download Samsung Kies from this link.
  • Download Odin software from this link.

How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Follow the step by step guide shared below to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

1. First of all extract Odin software and once extracted start installing it. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and Odin will be installed on your PC.

2. If you have not installed Samsung Kies, install it on your PC. Then connect your Galaxy Note 4 so that drivers can be installed.

3. Start Odin software on your PC. Now switch off your Galaxy Note 4.

4. Once your device is switched off you have to power it up in the recovery menu. To enter recovery menu of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 press combination of Power + Home + Volume Down buttons.

5. Once you have entered recovery menu connect your device with your PC using a USB cable.

6. Odin will identify your device and will display Added message.

7. Now click on PA option and select the rooting package which you downloaded before. Once you have added the file click on Start button. Rooting process will be started on your Galaxy Note 4.

8. After some time you will see PASS written and the ID section will turn green. This means Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is successfully rooted.

You are now having root access on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. You can now install custom ROM’s on your device and also install special applications which require root access.