How to Get Famous on SoundCloud How to Get Famous on SoundCloud

How to Get Famous on SoundCloud?

For many, being able to make a living as a musical artist is the ultimate dream – and one of the best ways to achieve this is to get famous on SoundCloud when enough users discover and play your music.

In the past, whether this happened was in the hands of labels: either they decided to sign you, or new artists weren’t going to have a career in music.

In the digital age, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth, with artists being able to establish a music career by sharing their music on a music distribution platform.

This can be done by growing a YouTube channel, starting a TikTok, and especially by becoming famous with a SoundCloud account, which has over 175 million active users per month that stream music from the site.

11 Tips to Get Famous on SoundCloud

1) Make a Memorable Profile

It’s not enough to make great music to get famous on SoundCloud – you also need to share your personality through your SoundCloud account with a memorable profile that keeps your audience coming back for more.

With this in mind, pick a unique yet easy-to-remember username and custom URL, an avatar, a profile photo, a header that represents your music, and a bio that shares a little of who you are and what kind of music you make.

2) Produce Quality Music

Without great music, you can’t hope to become a popular artist even if millions view your SoundCloud pages.

So, you should be continuously developing your skills – particularly in music production. This is because most SoundCloud artists are self-starters who both record and produce their music, and good production can be the difference between a track that’s just ‘okay’ and one that allows you to go viral on SoundCloud.

3) Hop the Trend

In 2022 – the era of TikTok – trends are everything, and they’re essential to quickly get more plays, grow your audience and pave the way for you to a breakthrough on SoundCloud.

Therefore, as a SoundCloud artist, you’ll want to keep up-to-date with the trends in the music industry as a whole and in your specific niche, whether your genre is hip-hop, rap, or pop, adding your unique style to the trend to stand out.

More than this, you should keep up to date with trends across social media such as Instagram and TikTok, in addition to making sure you know what’s popular at the moment on SoundCloud.

This will allow you to get ahead of the curve and jump on a trend before most others when you upload a track so that people interested in that trend are more likely to discover your trend-inspired music first.

4) Use Tags Strategically

Use Tags Strategically

Like trends, tags help to boost your visibility. This is crucial because it means that those who are interested in the type of music you create can find your music.

Make sure to use the appropriate tags that best describe your tracks, but be sure to research the most popular tags in your genre of music, so that your music has the opportunity to be found by a greater number of people.

5) Create Playlists

Creating a playlist that includes all of your music – and the music of similar artists – gets you more plays on SoundCloud since listeners don’t have to actively search for their favorite songs of yours.

Instead, they’ll be able to stream music on an automatic loop, so your tracks get more and more plays.

What’s more, people tend to come back to the playlists they love – usually more than individual songs – so it’s well worth putting time into curating a playlist to bring listeners back again and again.

6) Share your Story in your Waveform

Via the ‘comment on track’ feature you can access by clicking your waveform, you can leave a message directly to the SoundCloud community and share some of the behind-the-scenes info about the track to engage your audience.

For example, if you use a new production technique on one part of the track, or if there’s a story behind a particular lyric, then you can add it to the waveform to make your track even more interesting and engaging to your listeners.

7) Build your Fanbase

Build Your Fan Base

A huge part of turning followers into your ideal fans is showing them your personality: through your bio, annotating your track waveform, and consistently producing content so that your listeners don’t forget you.

More than this, alongside your SoundCloud account, you should make sure to have a strong social media presence on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, where you can interact with followers directly and turn likes and engagements into real connections that forge your fanbase.

8) Cross-promote your Music on Social Media

To drive more listeners to your SoundCloud, sharing your music on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – known as ‘cross-promoting’ is essential.

On these sites, you can reach an even greater audience by providing a link to your SoundCloud and keeping your current fans up-to-date. And with the help of social media marketing and paid ads, you can get even more from sharing your music by cross-promoting it on social media.

9) Plan your Strategy with SoundCloud Insights

SoundCloud Insights allow you to measure the performance of your tracks, figure out what’s most popular, and which of the songs on your stream page incite the most engagement (such as comments and likes).

Bear in mind that the popularity of your tracks might not necessarily be related to the music itself; your play count might be influenced by other factors, such as the time you upload or the methods you use to promote it.

So, alongside tracking your insights, you should also make a note of this to see if factors such as the time of upload get you more plays – or if a marketing tactic deployed at a particular time has an effect on a track’s success. You can do this by monitoring the number of plays received in the last 24 hours and in the last seven-day period.

10) Start a Successful Podcast

As we’ve already discussed, connecting with your audience with more than just your music – and allowing them to see your personality – will help you get famous on SoundCloud, and a really effective way to do this is to start an engaging, funny, and/or interesting podcast.

Not only can you upload episodes to your SoundCloud – which can help to keep your SoundCloud account front-of-mind for listeners and direct them towards your music – but podcast audiences feel as though they get to know the podcasters, which is essential for cultivating a hardcore fanbase.

To build your podcast audience, choose interesting/trending podcast topics, ensure that your content is engaging, use high-quality audio equipment and invite interviewees who will bring their own audience to your podcast (and your SoundCloud).

11) Get more SoundCloud Plays

Getting more SoundCloud plays is the most effective way to get famous on SoundCloud.

Getting more plays on your tracks makes SoundCloud take note of your music. As a result, the platform recommends and makes your tracks more visible to an even greater number of listeners, and this effect compounds as more and more people listen to your music.

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So, if you want to get famous on SoundCloud, follow the tips above to boost your SoundCloud account, execute effective music promotion, build and engage your audience and get more plays on your tracks by buying SoundCloud plays on Media Mister.

If you have any other tips to get your music heard and become famous on SoundCloud, please share them in the comments – we’d love to hear your thoughts.