Google Pixel 3 shots leaked, reveals a notch-less design

Several images purported to be that of the Pixel 3 has leaked online and the one thing that has perhaps grabbed the most attention is the lack of the infamous notch at the top. Rather, the image depicts a phone that has more of a conventional look with bezels all round. Its’ just that the same are vastly reduced along the sides while those along the top and bottom are considerably reduced as well.

In fact, the new Pixel 3, if the leaked images are to be believed, that is, can well be considered to be a slightly miniaturised form of the Pixel 2 XL. The similarity extends to the rear as well that includes the trademark dual tone finish done up in glossy and matte texture. The rear is also seen housing the fingerprint sensor while the single lens camera is accommodated along the top left corner.

Looks apart, the leak courtesy of an anonymous Reddit user also shone some light on the internal build of the device as well. So we know the Pixel 3 will come with a 5.5-inch 2160 x 1080 pixel display having 2:1 aspect ratio. The battery on the phone is shown to be rated at 2,915mAh which can be considered just enough even though the OnePlus 6, the phone that the Pixel 3 is believed to be set against comes with a 3300mAh battery.

Interestingly, the Pixel 3 is also shown to be carrying two front facing cameras with both being of 8-megapixel resolution. Also, one of the front facing cams support variable aperture that range between f/1.8 and f/2.2. That again has led experts to believe the camera could be powering a new generation facial recognition feature, besides providing for a more accurate selfie shot in varying lighting conditions as well.

A Snapdragon 845 chipset is also being associated with the new Pixel 3, coupled to a 4 GB RAM even though the latest leak does not confirm the same. The front otherwise looks clean and uncluttered sans the default Google search bar though the manner seven apps have been packed along the bottom does look intriguing, to say the least. Those apart, Pixel 3 is also shown supporting some form of gesture control feature.

Google meanwhile is expected to announce the new Pixel 3 range at an event in New York on October 9. Till then, several more rounds of leaks and rendering is almost a surety. Keep watching!

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